Rocket League Season 5 "Goes Cosmic": Theme, New Rocket Pass & Details

Rocket League Season 5 has finally been announced, revealed an an intergalactic theme, a brand new Rocket Pass, and a whole lot more.
Rocket league season 5
Let's take a look at what we can expect from Rocket League Season 5. | © Psyonix

It has been no secret that Rocket League's seasonal content has struggled a little bit in 2021. From the travesty that was Season 3, to the marginally better but insufferably boring Season 4, fans have been waiting for a Season that takes their breath away. Whilst Season 5 probably won't take your breath away, it does seem to be a return-to-form for Rocket League, though we can't help but be increasingly unenthusiastic for each successive Rocket Pass.

Psyonix have now announced what we can expect from Rocket League Season 5, including a selection of new items, the new Nexus Battle Car, a space-themed soccar pitch, and much more. With the previous competitive season coming to a close, we also have the final Rocket League Season 4 Ranked Rewards for you, something you should definitely check out before Season 5 drops. Enough yapping, though, let's get on with this bad-boy. What's coming in Rocket League Season 5?

What is Rocket League Season 5?

Season 5 of post free-to-play Rocket League is taking on an intergalactic theme. It will feature not only a new Battle Car and Soccar Pitch, but a collection of "otherworldly" items like the Spacedirt Paint Finish and the Hyperspace Animated Decal. A brand new Cosmosis Goal Explosion will also take over our Rocket League screens. Most exciting are the three new Rocket Labs Arenas that are making the leap to Season 5, and their related new Heatseeker Ricochet Limited Time Mode. It might not be game-changing, but Season 5 does seem to be introducing a few cool additions to our Rocket League arsenals!

Why do we keep complaining about Rocket League Season 3? Why do we seem to have it in for Psyonix at the moment? Well... here's why:

What is Coming in Rocket League Season 5?

  • New Soccar Pitch: Starbase Arc
  • New Battle Car: Nexus
  • New Player Anthem: "Player of Games" by GRIMES
  • Brand New Rocket Pass: Featuring the usual 70 Tiers of Rewards.
  • New Items: Including the Spacedirt Paint Finish and Hyperspace Animated Decal
  • New Goal Explosion: Cosmosis
  • New LTM: Heatseeker Ricochet (coming November 17)
  • New Rocket Labs Arenas: Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass
  • Weekly and Seasonal Challenges: Completing these challenges grants new items.
  • Tournaments: Daily competitive tournaments will continue.

When is the Rocket League Season 5 Release Date?

Season 5 will drop on November 17, and will run through to March 9 (2022). It will feature an all-new Rocket Pass that will continue until the aforementioned date, after which a number of Competitive Ranked Rewards will be distributed to players who have leveled throughout the season. These rewards will depend on the rank that has been reached, and will be awarded at the commencement of Season 5 on March 9, 2022. We do not know what these rewards will be yet, and will not find out until Season 6 is announced (assumedly in early March).

How Much is the Rocket League Season 5 Rocket Pass Price?

Each and every season, the Rocket Pass has a selection of limited free rewards, but can be upgraded to premium for 1100 RL Credits, or the equivalent of $10 USD. This premium service gives access to all 70 Tiers of rewards, and can usually be upgraded for an additional 1000 RL Credits for a number of Tier skips, to get you started quicker. We wouldn't recommend this upgrade, however, as this supremely overpriced for what is offered.