Star Wars: Squadrons Review

Squadrons main
You play pilots from both the Empire & the New Republic. (Image Credit: EA)

EA’s Star Wars Squadrons is here and we played and reviewed the newest Star Wars game. Is it good, is it worth your time, should you get it? Well...

...spoiler alert: Star Wars Squadrons is a good game and definitely worth your time, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. Actually, let me rephrase that: If you are a Star Wars fan that is into, well, wars among the stars aspect of the franchise, then this is an absolute must-play, but let’s get into why that is:

Star Wars: Squadrons Review: Dogfights in Space

At it’s core, Star Wars Squadrons is all about beautiful dogfighting. Naturally - with this being a war in the stars in a galaxy far away - these dogfights happen in the beautiful pitch-black darkness of outer space. Except: It’s anything but pitch black and dark. The game is beautiful, and its battlegrounds (battlespaces?) are varied, gorgeous and only challenged in beauty by the even more magnificent cockpits. Be it a TIE Fighter or an X-Wing - the cockpits are diverse and detailed. In fact, the game’s HUD is entirely integrated into the cockpit and makes the experience very immersive. Even better: For maximum immersion, you can customize said UI/cockpit to your wishes.

Star Wars: Squadrons Review: Best Experienced in VR

SW Squadrons Cockpit
Star Wars: Squadrons gets the VR experience right. (Image credit: EA)

If a custom cockpit is not immersive enough, then you can take it one step further and play the game in VR - take it two steps further and you can play with a HOTAS flight stick. Childhood dreams of being a space pilot, anyone? They come true here. In fact, the game is not just compatible with VR, no, VR is the best possible way to experience Star Wars Squadrons.

That experience, though, is not necessarily easy. Learning the game lies somewhere between complex and accessible, which gives you a nice sense of progression: Navigating your ships is hard at first but it becomes more and more fluent as you learn the game’s mechanics. You see, each ship functions on a power core. Said power core is used for thrusters, shields, and weapons. Ultimately, knowing when to input power into what is what mastering the game means and becoming fluent at your ship’s language is very rewarding.

Star Wars: Squadrons Review: Story & Multiplayer

Star Wars Squadrons gives you a single-player and multiplayer experience and both are fun in their own right: The single player has a solid 7-10 hour story with a nice cast of characters, good writing, and really solid acting. It’s surprisingly solid and, in fact, that is the reason it can be a letdown: Sometimes it feels like the single-player & story are not realizing their full potential. It seems like a lot is left unexplored.

Star Wars Squadrons Republik Titel
The cast in Star Wars: Squadrons is solid. (Image credit: EA)

Generally speaking, the story is a New Republic vs Empire battle and you switch between squads on both sides of the conflict. One mission might be an ambush and then the very next mission is dealing with the fallout from said ambush from the other side. It’s pretty cool and serves to paint a bigger picture. Both sides actually have likeable characters that make you want to see the story through to the end. Gameplay-wise, it doesn’t get boring either - be it an escort mission or protecting something, the dogfighting is always top-notch and fun. Sadly though, once you finish the game, there is not much replayability, unless you missed out on VR and want to experience that the second time around.

We didn’t have much of a chance to experience multiplayer, but it seems solid. You’ve got your standard team fights and also a mode where you try to attack & destroy the enemies’ main ship while protecting your own. Standard game modes that serve their purpose. There’s a ranking system and plenty of customization, so fans of the game’s combat will get their money’s worth here and should also find enough longevity.

Star Wars: Squadrons Review: Verdict

If you are Star Wars or space fighting fan, this is a no-brainer. If you enjoyed the old 90s Star Wars X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Star Wars Squadrons is a game that will be somewhat of a holy grail to those that are craving the niche, as it's the only current game of its kind.

It’s worth playing for both the single-player and the multiplayer, but both are best experienced with VR, which offers many advantages and no disadvantages.

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