100T Hiko Retires From Professional Career

100 Thieves' Valorant roster has been in some heat lately. And Hiko just made a really important decision for his career going forwards with 100T.

100T Hiko Valorant Retirement
Hiko's important career choice! | © 100 Thieves

100 Thieves were going perfectly when it came to Valorant esports. But earlier this year, they endured a big loss, dropping them from VCT Reykjavik. Afterwards, important roster changes came quickly, with BabyJ and ec1s being let go. But one of the most important 100 Thieves statements was just released: Hiko is retiring from professional Valorant.

100 Thieves Hiko won't be playing Valorant Professional

As you've seen from the title, Hiko officially announced that he won't be playing in Valorant esports anymore. The 100 Thieves journey started with Hiko, and it'll continue without him. Hiko says that streaming was his passion, leading to him being involved in esports too. See the announcement for yourself, it's enough to make a grown man cry!

Hiko is a well-known Valorant personality by now. So if you're a fan of Hiko, don't worry. His esports career might be over, but we've still got more than enough cherishing Valorant moments with him!

What's next for 100T Hiko?

Although Hiko will be moving away from professional Valorant, his career isn't over. In the same retirement announcement, Hiko said that he will continue streaming under the 100 Thieves' organization. So if you didn't have plans for Friday night, you can still tune in to Hiko's shenanigans in Valorant!

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