Araxys Valorant Skin Collection: Weapons, Variants, Price & More

For the start of 2023, Riot Games served the community a skin line that looks just out of this world... Literally! Let's see what's inside the Araxys bundle!

Araxys Skin Bundle
New futuristic bundle will come with a Episode 6 update! | © Riot Games

Everyone knew that Riot Games would start 2023 with a bump in terms of a new skin bundle and yeah, there we have it – from January 10 for the next two weeks, the Araxys collection will be the main offering at the Valorant Store. The new skin collection is supposed to refer to an advanced alien race, who are believed to have some deeper connection to the lore, and well, we got a couple of nice-looking skins with refined animations. Let's check it out!

Araxys Skin Bundle: Weapons & Variants

The new Araxys skin bundle will include weapon skins for:

Araxys all weapons variants
All weapon skin from the Araxys collection | © Riot Games / ValorLeaks

All weapon skins will be available in 4 color variants – green (default), purple, red-black, and white. Besides that, the bundle will come with a special Gun Buddy, Spray, and a Player Card that will look like this:

Araxys Skin Bundle: Upgrades

All guns will have four levels of upgrades, while Melee will only have two, which has been a usual practice for Riot recently. It will look as follows:


1Custom models, bullets, and ADS reticle
2Custom firing audio and visual effects (muzzle flash)
3Custom equip, reload, inspect, and idle animations, visuals effects, and audio (including firing audio)
4Finisher and Kill Banner


1Custom model
2Custom equip + swipe animations, VFX, and audio

Araxys Skin Bundle: Price

You will be able to purchase the entire Araxys collection for 8700 Valorant Points, and it will be an Exclusive Edition bundle. That said, the prices are expected to vary between 2175-2675 Valorant Points per gun, and 4350-5350 Valorant Points for the Melee weapon.

Araxys Skin Bundle: Is It Worth It?

Araxys operator
Do you also get these Halo vibes? | © Riot Games

So, we think that Araxys is a great bundle, and honestly, we consider it one of the best bundles released in the past few months. However, it's very niche with its design, plus it's still quite expensive, so it's all up to your preferences and budget at the end of the day. Still, if you value the futuristic aesthetics, this might be your go-to bundle, especially for the Vandal and Melee skins.

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