How To Rank Up From Diamond in Valorant?

Stuck in Diamond and feeling helpless? We come to the rescue with 5 tips that will help you get out of this rank fast!

Diamond rank up guide
Let's get out of Diamond! | © Riot Games

Being in Diamond is in itself a sign of some high skills, but we are sure that a large part of you wants something more when it comes to your ranked climb. And for such players, we have prepared this article – here are 5 non-obvious tips that can help you climb out of Diamond and reach Ascendant!

5 Tips To Rank Up From Diamond in Valorant

Be Patient With Your Grind

For starters, we want to inform you that climbing out of Diamond is likely to be a long road. The so-called Rito will not be as generous with Rank Rating gains as before, and will even be willing to take as much as possible from you at every possible opportunity. So, even if weeks pass and you continue to make imperceptible progress, then, well, that's often the case at this rank and be aware of it. And if the grind is getting exhausting, don't be afraid to take a little break.

Avoid Distractions

We know masses of players who, while grinding, browse social media or the Internet in general; in other words - they get distracted at their own request. If you care about ranking up, then there is not one good reason to have open any other programs than Valorant and voice communicator (well, unless we are talking about EarlyGame and Valorfeed guides). Try to give 100% of your attention to what is happening in the game and analyze every play. And even if you die, be present for your teammates.

Experiment With Other Agents

Harbor bad
Maybe not with this one, though... | © Riot Games

Even if, purely theoretically, your main Agent should dominate the metagame, on some ranks, that might not necessarily be the case. Since climbing out of Diamond can take super long, you might want to switch your Agent pick from time to time just to refresh your head a little bit. Plus, by playing with Agents from different classes, you can learn how they work and how to control them better (I am talking to you, sweaty Duelist players).

Don't Stop Practicing / Learn To Hide Your Ego

Even if you think that you know it all and you are simply the king of Valorant.... you are not, sorry. Sure, you are pretty good, but you still need to practice a bit if you want to call yourself a pro. First of all, we recommend you practice the things you feel weakest in; for example, if you are killing it with Vandal, but you suck on pistol rounds, try to spend more time practicing Classic or Ghost a little bit more. And of course, make sure that you follow these rules in your aim training routine: How To Practice Muscle Memory For Valorant?

Make Sure Your Duo Partner is Ambitious

And lastly, make sure that you surround yourself with people who actually want to win games and care about it. We often see a case where we have an entertaining duo partner and enjoy spending time with him. Still, he is focusing on lashing out the parents of a random teammate rather than coming up with actual strategies to win the match, and yeah, that's not what we are really looking for. Sometimes your duo partner might be the reason you are stuck in your rank, and there might be situations where it will be better to play by yourself.

So, that would be it for this guide! We hope that these tips have helped you, and if you want to meet a bunch of cool players that are into Valorant, be sure to join our Discord community and look for a Valorant chat.

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