When Does Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Start?

A new Valorant Episode is just around the corner, and in this article, we'll take a peek at the details of its release date and all the changes we can expect!

Valorant new episode
Everything you need to know about Valorant Episode 6 release! | © Riot Games

Patch 5.12 will be the last update we'll get this year, and it will also be the latest patch for Episode 5. Until then, we'll have quite a long wait until the next update, but no worries, the first Act of Episode 6 will bring many exciting changes with it. Let's see what Riot has prepared for the start of 2022!

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1: Release Date

All indications are that Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 will come out on January 10, 2023. Moreover, if this were true then according to floxay (well-known community Valorant data miner), the rest of the dates for the start of each Act in Episode 6 would look as follows:

Valorant Episode 6Start DateEnd Date
Act 1January 10March 7
Act 2March 7April 25
Act 3April 25June 27

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1: Changes

Let's now turn to the specific changes that await us with the upcoming Valorant Episode 6 update. In addition to a new skin line (probably also expensive) and a Battle Pass, we are facing two changes regarding the map pool!

New Map

So yeah, we will be getting a new map! As of now, we don't really know anything about it, other than the fact that it will feature a new mechanic. This is what Joe Lansfword of Riot games said about it:

The next map... what can I say? It's gonna have a new mechanic. Yeah, it’s not too crazy, it’s not teleporters, but there will be a new mechanic. It’s going to be similar to another map in the pool

As of now, we don't even know its exact location; while looking at skins from the previous Battle Pass, one might suspect that it will be in space.

Still, that's just a guess, but all in all, the new map is a pretty big deal! Since it will be the main highlight of the first 2023 update, Riot will surely make sure it's fancy.

Map Rotation

Speaking of maps, we will be getting a pretty interesting map pool update. Firstly, Split will join the map pool again (along with some changes). And secondly, Breeze and Bind will be exiting the map pool and will probably share Split's fate – they will get changed and come back a couple of months later. Well, probably most were hoping that Riot would kick Fracture out of the map pool, preferably irrevocably, but, well, it doesn't look like something they have in plans. That said, let's check out the best Agents to play on this map:

So, what do you think about all these changes? Yay or nay? Join our Discord and be sure to chat with us and our community about it!