What's The Valorant Internet Data Usage?

Some Valorant players don't have an unlimited internet data plan in their homes. This means they'll have to watch out for how much time they spend playing Valorant. But what is Valorant's data usage?

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How much Internet data does Valorant use? | © Riot Games

Valorant uses a bit more internet data than other games. People that don't know the exact number of Valorant's data usage may run into internet data shortage, given they don't have an unlimited internet data plan. So let's check out Valorant's data usage!

How Much Internet Data is Valorant Using?

The exact number of how much data Valorant uses can vary. But on average, Valorant uses 200MB to 250MB of data per hour of gameplay. Don't take that number for granted, as some players have reported that Valorant has used up to 500MB of data. This can happen due to numerous factors, such as how many abilities were used by live players, the length of the match and its rounds, most notably being voice chat.

If you want to know how much data Valorant uses per match, we've got you covered! You can expect Valorant to use 70MB to 90MB of Internet data per match. This number can sometimes go as low as 60MB depending on the match's length, be it if you won or lost 13-0.

For most players, this wouldn't affect them. But Valorant can even cost you upwards of 1GB per data. That can happen if you're using lots of voice chat alongside Valorant stats overlays. You can see Valorant's data usage in a more simple manner below.

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All the ways Valorant can use your Internet data! | © Riot Games

That's everything you need to know about how much data Valorant uses. If you want to lower the game's data usage, you can disable overlays and voice chat if it doesn't affect your in-game communication and information while you play with the Vandal or Phantom!