Ion 2.0 Skins: Weapons, Price, Variants & More

Ion Vandal was the dream of many players of this weapon. And well, Riot just made that dream come true.

Ion 2.0 Skins: Weapons, Price, Release Date & More
This Vandal will be so clean! | © Riot Games

We all know the Ion collection, especially for these legendary Phantom and Operator skins. And what if we told you that a revamped version of this collection with Vandal skin and Karambit Melee is coming to the game next week? Without further ado, let's get into the details.

Ion 2.0 Skin Bundle: Weapons & Prices

The revamped Ion skin bundle will contain skins for:

Vandal1775 Valorant Points
Ares1775 Valorant Points
Spectre1775 Valorant Points
Frenzy1775 Valorant Points
Melee Weapon (Karambit)3550 Valorant Points

It will be a Premium Collection, meaning that it will cost 7100 Valorant Points in the in-game Store. However, this one might also take some Radianite Points from you...

Ion 2.0 Skin Bundle: Variants

As of now, we know that Ion 2.0 will include additional color variants:

However, we don't know the details yet. If you are curious about it, though, make sure to bookmark this article somewhere, as we will update it as soon as we get the official information.

Ion 2.0 Skin Bundle: Release Date

It is not confirmed by Riot Games yet, but we are almost 100% sure that the new Ion 2.0 skin bundle will drop on October 18, along with the Agent Harbor and Act 3 Battle Pass. So, will you buy it? Be sure to share your feelings about it on our Discord server!