The Most Difficult Agents To Play In Valorant

All the agents in Valorant are difficult to master. But some are far easier than others, which begs the question: who are the hardest Valorant agents?

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Let's see Valorant's hardest agents! | © Riot Games

When you start playing Valorant, you'll first want to master your aim. Afterward, you'll have to pick which agent suits your gameplay style. But some Valorant agents are much harder than others and present an altogether new level of difficulty.

But if you're looking for a challenge, check out the list below of the most difficult agents to play in Valorant!

Valorant: Top 3 Most Difficult Agents


The first agent we'll check out is a Duelist in a Sentinel's agent shoes - Chamber. He's a hard agent to learn and master because his abilities kit revolves around his Q ability Headhunter. It's basically a Guardian with 8 bullets, and that's why Chamber so is hard to learn. Unless you know how to click on heads to instantly kill someone, the enemies will spray you down, and you'll die.

Valorant Hardest Agent Chamber
Chamber's not as easy as he looks! | © Riot Games

Chamber was also nerfed to the ground in recent patches such as Patch 5.03. This made his bullets even more inaccessible alongside the fact that you must already be an aiming god to hit them. But if you're struggling, one of the easier and more influential abilities you can use with Chamber is his ultimate ability, as it's basically an Operator.


Next up we have the difficult Controller agent Viper. Her abilities are easy to use and understand, but hard to master. This is because she has a fuel meter, and it's absolutely crucial you know how it works, so you can get your abilities' timings correct. If you don't know how the fuel meter's time works, your abilities will get disabled, and you can get killed instantly.

Valorant Hardest Agent Viper
Viper is easy to learn, but hard to master! | © Riot Games

Another thing we have to mention is Viper lineups. Unless you don't know any lineups, you'll suffer trying to play Viper. Taking 8 maps into consideration with each having 2 sites, the bare minimum lineups you'll have to know are 16! But once you learn them, especially on Breeze with Viper, you'll be unstoppable.


The absolute most difficult agent to play in Valorant is Astra. She's a Controller agent with tons of utility, but the easiest Astra ability to use is her smokes. Having to go into a different dimension while being vulnerable just to use your abilities is hard enough. Her ultimate ability Cosmic Divide is also a big wall that blocks sound and vision, but place it a bit incorrectly, and you can expect enemies to pass over and easily defeat you.

Valorant Hardest Agent Astra
Astra is tough! | © Riot Games

And that's it for the most difficult agents to play in Valorant. Will you try to master some of these agents? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know all about your journey to learning these difficult Valorant agents!