Valorant New Agent Mage: Abilities Leaked

Riot Games is known to sometimes have its own content leaked. And now it seems the abilities for the new upcoming Valorant agent Mage have been leaked.

Valorant New Agent Leaked Abilities 2
The new agent's Mage leaked abilities look sick! | © Riot Games Screencapture

First, the codename Mage was leaked for the upcoming agent. Then through in-game details, we found that the new agent's name could be Varun Batra, and their abilities could be water-based. Now we've got the full extent of the new agent's abilities through a leak. These abilities could undergo changes, but let's go ahead and check out the new Valorant agent's abilities!

New Agent Abilities Leaked Valorant

We got the abilities of the new agent through an image with no agent model. This means the agent's appearance is still in design, although the abilities have been sketched out. The abilities can and probably will be changed in the future.

The image of the agent's abilities is a bit rough to read. But by the looks of it, they will probably be a Controller. So for now, here are the new Valorant agent's leaked abilities:

  • Vision Taker C Ability: EQUIP a distortion wall launcher. FIRE to create a small line of distortion. Enemies will get briefly blinded if they walk through
  • Tartarus Pit Q Ability: EQUIP a Tartarus charger. FIRE to launch a shot that deals some damage and slows players within its zone
  • Bubble E Ability: EQUIP bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass through
  • Golem Ultimate Ability X: EQUIP the Golem doll. Fire to throw down. All teammates will get a regeneration buff, and enemies will get decay debuff. Lasts for a duration or until destroyed by enemies

And it seems we were right about the new agent's water-based abilities. Do you find these abilities interesting? Are you excited to see the new Valorant agent in action? Make sure to visit our Discord server and let us know all about it!