OpTic Won The Lower Bracket Finals Against ZETA

There we have it – our grand finale of VCT Masters Stage 1 will be a BO5 match between OpTic Gaming and LOUD. And honestly, we have no favorite at this point.
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That was a brutal sweep. | © Riot Games

If you thought OpTic had said their last word after last night's game against LOUD, you were wrong. Oh yes, you were so wrong. Just a few minutes ago, they brutally 3-0'd ZETA Division and made it to the Grand Finals of the VCT Reykjavik tournament.

OpTic vs. ZETA

Honestly, during this match we didn't think for a moment that ZETA Division had the situation under control, even on the first map. That was just brutal – OpTic players were smiling to the cameras all the time, and Marved seemed out of his mind at some point. This gentleman scored 70 total frags in only 3 maps. Read that again. 70 frags total in 3 maps. And only 45 deaths. Like, is he okay?

And it's not that ZETA played particularly badly. OpTic players were on some kind of beast mode, and no team in the world would be able to win against something like that.

OpTic GamingZETA Divison
First half57
Second half1513
First half75
Second half


First half84
Second half138

Who Will Win VCT Reykjavik?

So now it's either OpTic Gaming or LOUD. We could have already watched this match yesterday, and LOUD came out of it with a winning hand. Will OpTic be able to stop LOUD's hot 17:0 streak? We will find out tomorrow at 07:00 PM CEST at Valorant's official Twitch channel!

We also remind you that during the broadcast, Riot will show details about the Fade Agent and all the new content related to Episode 4 Act 3.