Valorant Patch 4.11 Overview: Agent Bug Fixes, Clutch Mute Feature & More

Episode 4 is coming to an end and will be replaced with a next one in two weeks. To end this revolutionary period for Valorant, Riot has decided to implement a mass mute feature and fix many well-known Agent bugs.
Valorant patch mute
Hearing too many voices in your games? Riot provided a solution! | © Riot Games

And this is how Episode 4 ends. Was it a revolutionary Episode? No, not necessarily. However, even though there was no revolution, we could definitely see an evolution of the game, especially when it comes to quality of life changes. And here we have another Patch full of nice improvements, that maybe are not too fancy, but we all appreciate having them in the game. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the official Patch 4.11 Notes!

Social Updates

So, we all know these moments when we try to clutch the round, but our teammates are going crazy on the voice chat, trying to backseat us. Well, now we have a solution:

  • Clutch Mute Feature Added – You now have the option to mass mute your teammates and/or party members, so you can focus during clutch moments!

And all it takes is clicking one key during a clutch situation. Okay, but how to set it up?

  1. Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communication
  2. Set keybinds for Party and Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys
  3. Press the keybind while in-game to Toggle “ON” the Party and/or Team Voice Clutch Mute and then again to Toggle “OFF”
  4. When “ON,” you can toggle the mute any time during your match when you hit the assigned keybind. An icon will appear so you know when it’s enabled.

Well, we already hear too many voices after Fade's release, and we don't need any more, especially during the clutch rounds.

Agent Bug Fixes

And as we mentioned before, Patch 4.11 brings lots of bug fixes related to Valorant Agents, and there are actually as many as 16 of them, affecting 10 different Agents. Here are all of them:

All Agents

  • Fixed a bug where after switching Agents in the range or in custom game, the buy menu would sometimes show invalid items.


  • Fixed a bug where Skye would sometimes make an unintended pose, seen in third-person, when holding a gun.
  • Fixed a bug where Skye’s Seekers would not navigate down the chute on Breeze.


  • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s model would still teleport if killed mid-teleport.
  • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s Trademark created large white circles on Brimstone’s Sky Smoke targeting map.
  • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s Rendezvous range indicator does not disappear when far enough away to be off of the minimap.


  • Fixed a bug where Jett could reach very faster than intended speeds by using Tailwind in specific locations (aka. “superdash”).


  • Fixed a bug where Cypher’s Cyber Cage would sometimes disappear from the minimap.


  • Fixed a bug where Yoru could use weapons earlier than intended when exiting Dimensional Drift.
  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s mask would flicker while running forward during Dimensional Drift


  • Fixed a bug where Killjoy’s Nanoswarm would sometimes disappear from the minimap.
  • Fixed a bug where Killjoy’s Alarmbot created large white circles on Brimstone’s Sky Smoke targeting map.


  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes see the location of enemy Astra stars.


  • Fixed a bug where Fade’s Prowler would not navigate down the chute on Breeze.


  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to re-stabilize KAY/O after being themselves resurrected by Sage.


  • Fixed a bug where Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud would sometimes disappear from the minimap.


  • Fixed Sova’s trick shot VO line so that it plays when he kills an enemy with a 1 or 2 bounce Shock Bolt.

And that's it for Patch 4.11! This is how Riot is preparing us for the new Episode, that will come with a new map located in Lisbon, Portugal. The Episode 5 update will go live on June 21, so just two weeks from now! Are you hyped? Let us know on our Discord and social media profiles like Twitter and Instagram.