We Will Get Two Skin Bundles In Patch 5.01!

Two new skin bundles are coming to the game on July 12 – the previously leaked Sarmad collection and another Run It Back edition.

Egypt skins valorant
The so-called "Egypt" skins | © Riot Games

Ok, Riot is going crazy right now. We are fresh off getting a new map, Phoenix got buffed, and now we are getting two solid skin bundles in the new update. Just wow! Let's see what we will see in our Store offers for the next two weeks!

Sarmad Skin Bundle: Weapons & Prices

Let's start with the bundle we haven't seen before! Well, technically, because it got leaked some time ago as an "Egypt collection". However, it is only now that we will be able to see it in the game under the name "Sarmad" for the following weapons:

Vandal1275 Valorant Points
Phantom1275 Valorant Points
Spectre1275 Valorant Points
Frenzy1275 Valorant Points

Melee (Blade of Serket)

2550 Valorant Points

The entire bundle will cost 5100 Valorant Points. Sarmad is a non-upgradeable collection, meaning that the weapon skins will have no additional variants to unlock. Check out how all of these skins will look in-game:

Honestly, we were pretty pessimistic when we saw this one in the leaks, but right now, we love it. What we kind of miss is the upgrades – we could see a big potential for a finisher animation that mummifies the enemy Agent. What is also great about this bundle is that we have both Vandal and Phantom in it, which actually never happens. So, if you are into these kinds of vibes, you should absolutely go for this bundle.

Run It Back 3 Bundle

Run It Back 3 skins

Another bundle that will be in your Store offers for the next two weeks is Run It Back 3, a set of the community's favorite skins. This time we will get:

WeaponPriceNumber of upgrades
Ion Phantom1775 Valorant Points3
Magepunk Operator1775 Valorant Points3
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic1775 Valorant Points4
Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky1775 Valorant Points2
Ego Stinger1775 Valorant Points3

The Run It Back 3 bundle will cost 5495 Valorant Points total. And honestly, it's a set of pretty nice skins; we think many people will go for Ion Phantom specifically, as this is one of the better skins for this weapon in the entire game.

Will you be getting any of these weapon skin bundles? Join our Discord and let us know what do you think about them!