All Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Rewards

Modern Warfare 2's campaign will be available a week before the full release via Early Access, and by completing the campaign you get exclusive rewards. We've summarized what's up for grabs and how you can get it.

MW2 campaign operators
Finish the campaign to get these operators. | © Activision

The release of Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner, and we are really excited. Fortunately, MW2 will have campaign Early Access for the first time, so you can play the story before the official multiplayer release. This way, we don't have to worry about wasting valuable time levelling weapons and can enjoy the campaign in peace.

But that's not all, because just like in the MW2 beta, we get some cool rewards for playing the campaign. So let's take a look at what rewards we can unlock in the MW2 campaign and what we have to do to get them.

How to Unlock All MW2 Campaign Rewards

To unlock the MW2 campaign rewards, all you have to do is play the campaign. It doesn't matter if you play the campaign in Early Access or after release, you will unlock all the rewards as you play and can use them in multiplayer from then on. In order to get all Modern Warfare 2 campaign rewards, you have to complete the entire campaign once.

Here you can see all MW2 campaign rewards:

MW2 campaign rewards
All MW2 campaign rewards. | © Activision
  • Calling Card: “Soap’s Determination”
  • Emblem: “What’s Done Is Done”
  • 30 Minute Double XP Token
  • 30 Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Chainlinked”
  • Base Operator: Chuy
  • 30 Minute Double XP Token
  • 30 Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Gaz”
  • Base Operator: Nova
  • 1 Hour Double XP Token
  • 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Shadow Company Ops”
  • Base Operator: Reyes
  • 1 Hour Double XP Token
  • Base Operator: Hutch

Just pre-order Modern Warfare 2 on Amazon, so you can start playing the campaign right away on October 20. With the M4 blueprint, the cool new operators and the numerous Double XP tokens, you'll be well-prepared for the multiplayer release on October 28.

Until then, we've also ranked all the weapons that were available in the beta for you here, so you already know what you should level up first:

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