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The AN-94 is a Modern Warfare weapon that was quite popular in MW 2019 multiplayer, but never quite found its footing in Warzone. This has now changed, especially for Rebirth Island.
Warzone AN 94
The AN-94 seems to have found a liking on Rebirth Island . | © Activision

The AN-94 is a gun defined by its hyperburst. It doesn't deal the most damage nor does it shoot very fast, but the hyperburst helps bridge this and makes it a unique weapon. Anyone remember the AN-94 from Black Ops 2? It's the same gun, with the same weird feature, where the first 2 shots are fired at an incredible RPM. Combined with the 3rd shot right afterward, this gun has 0 recoil at the beginning, so it's important you line up the first shots. It will help your TTK a lot.

After the hyperburst, the recoil starts to kick in, you can down an enemy with the first 3 shots, if they have no armor. But you have to make sure you hit the first 3 shots in the head or upper torso.

Thanks to the hyperburst the weapon is super accurate at the beginning, which is why people have found a liking toward it on Rebirth Island.

The Best AN-94 Setup

AN 94 Setup
These attachments help with recoil control. | © Activision
MuzzleMonolithic Surpressor
BarrelAN-94 Factory X-438mm
OpticVLK 3,0x-Optic
UnderbarrelCommando Foregrip
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape

These attachments give us the best recoil control, while increasing our damage range and bullet velocity. The Rear Grip helps with our sprint-to-fire time and ADS speed, but you can replace it with something else. Tac Laser if you want the fastest ADS possible or a stock, that helps with strafe speed. All personal choices you can make, so the weapon suits your playstyle. I wouldn't recommend this gun for Caldera, as it's the most effective at mid-range, where the recoil is still manageable.

Equipment & Extras for the AN-94 Warzone Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The AN-94

Mac 10
The MAC-10 is still amazing. | © Activision

Depending on how you plan on using the AN-94, you can also run it as a sniper support with the ZRG. As the AN-94 excels at mid-range fights, we wanted to pair it with a close range SMG. We chose the MAC-10. It still offers great mobility and a great TTK for Rebirth and is a very solid SMG option. If you want to go with more meta weapons, then give the new H4 Blixen or the Type 100 a chance.

The Best Equipment For The AN-94

PrimaryThrowing Knife
TacticalSnapshot Grenades

The Throwing Knife helps you thirst enemies more efficiently and a lot faster, without having to waste your bullets. Especially good on Rebirth Island. With the recent nerfs to the stimshot, we have opted back to snapshot grenades. With those you always know where the enemy is hiding.

The Best Perks For The AN-94

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2
Perk 3
Combat Scout

Did you expect anything else? We just have to go with what's meta, and this has been it for the last few months. Cold-Blooded to counter other Combat Scout users, Overkill, so we can run 2 primaries and Combat Scout, so we can ping enemies for our teammates and track enemies better.

And there you have it. The Loadout for the AN-94. If you want something more meta than take a look at our STG Guide.