The Best Warzone Loadouts For Rebirth Island

You need different loadouts for Rebirth than you do for Caldera; engagements typically happen at a much closer distance, and so your weapons should meet that requirement. To help, we've put together an overview of the three best loadouts for Rebirth Island.

Best Loadouts For Rebirth Island
Ditch that sniper and take an SMG! | © Activision Blizzard

Rebirth Island is a much smaller map than Caldera or Verdansk, and so naturally our firefights will be different on this map. This also means we need to bring a different set of loadouts to Rebirth. We need to prioritize mobility, and close-quarters lethality over range, and generally speaking we can drop all snipers in favor SMGs. But with the constant changes to weapon balance, and a new gun coming into the game once a month, it can be tricky to keep up. So here are the three best loadouts for Rebirth Island, we've utilized weapons from Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard, in the three different builds.

Loadout 1: Automaton & Owen Gun

Slot Item
Primary WeaponAutomaton
Secondary WeaponOwen Gun
Lethal EquipmentThrowing Knives

Tactical Equipment

Stun Grenades
Perk 1Double Time
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Tracker

Primary Weapon Setup: Automaton

it's not as broken as it once was, but it still slaps. | © Activision Blizzard

The Automaton was nutty when it first launched, and since then, they've nerfed it, but it's still probably the best AR from Vanguard thanks to its fantastic rate of fire. It won't be the easiest in the world to control, but it's also not as hard as an EM2 or an MG 82.

If you want a more complete overview of this rifle, you can find our complete setup guide for the Automaton here.

Secondary Weapon Setup: Owen Gun

Owen Gun Best Attachment Setup
We take a G16 on our Owen, but you might prefer the even closer-range Slate Reflector. | © Activision Blizzard

The Owen Gun's users currently have the highest average K/D compared to all other weapons (April 26), and this makes sense when you try this thing out on Rebirth. It requires some gunskill, but it has the best TTK of any SMG. The build above can be made even more lethal by swapping the suppressor for a recoil booster, in fact, but that really will be difficult to control.

Basically, the Owen Gun will jump all over the place, but if you're in close-range, this thing absolutely shreds. You can read our complete Owen Gun setup guide here.

Loadout 2: XM4 & MP5 (BOCW)

Slot Item
Primary WeaponXM4
Secondary WeaponMP5
Lethal EquipmentThermite

Tactical Equipment

Snapshot Grenades
Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Amped

Primary Weapon Setup: XM4

XM4 setup
A wonderful combination of blueprint attachments on display here. | © Activision Blizzard

The XM4 has the perfect balance for the vast-majority of Warzone players with average gunskill. It has a little recoil, but it's not uncontrollable, and the tradeoff is a great TTK for mid-range. And the build above, with a 3x scope and 60 round mags, should be just fine to deal with any distances you come across in Rebirth.

Here is our complete XM4 loadout guide.

Secondary Weapon Setup: MP5 (BOCW)

Best Mp5 Attachment Setup
This was always one of the most reliable SMGs. | © Activision Blizzard

You'll all remember this little number. It was the most popular SMG for those wanting reliability last year, but then everyone forgot about it when Vanguard launched. Now we get it, the new SMGs are shiny and new, but nothing happened to the MP5, it's still superb.

With this MP5 setup, you should be getting a great gun for those frantic internal fights that rely on hip-fire and aim-walking steadiness. You can read a more in-depth MP5 guide here.

Loadout 3: Grau & MP7

Slot Item
Primary WeaponGrau
Secondary WeaponMP7
Lethal EquipmentThrowing Knives

Tactical Equipment

Snapshot Grenades
Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Tracker

Primary Weapon Setup: Grau

Grau Setup
Probably the most popular weapon in all of Warzone's history. | © Activision Blizzard

What a classic, the Grau has always been praised for its unique versatility. A lot of this comes down to the Archangel barrel, which gives the gun great iron sights, thus allowing you to spend an attachment slot elsewhere, and improves the gun's already great recoil control. Also, the damage profile means that the Grau can effectively be used at closer ranges than most ARs, which makes it particularly suitable for Rebirth.

This is the conventional Grau setup, although you could swap the magazines for 50 rounders to get some more mobility. You can read a full Grau loadout guide here.

Secondary Weapon Setup: MP7

MP7 Warzone Attachment Loadout
The MP7 is the oldest Warzone weapon still in regularly use today, alongside the M4, the M13, and on rare occasions the PKM. | © Activision Blizzard

Our final SMG for you is an absolute king. The MP7 has been consistently viable since Warzone first began. Thanks to large mags, a great rate of fire, and fantastic iron sights, the MP7 is able to perfectly fit the requirements of a backup submachine gun. You might feel it becoming a pea-shooter at longer ranges, but you'll be a hitting a lot more of your individual shots at medium-range, so it balances out.

For a more in-depth guide to the MP7, here is our full MP7 setup guide.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was your guide to three best loadouts for Rebirth Island. These setup guides assume they are the first and only loadouts you get all game, but if you're playing well and can afford to buy another loadout, then we suggest picking up High Alert, Restock, or Tempered on the second loadout. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Rebirth Island loadouts, after all, we might all end up on the Island if King Kong and Godzilla somehow destroy Caldera...