The Best Warzone BP50 Loadout | The New Meta-AR

The BP50 is one of the last weapons ever added to the original Warzone. It's a great AR, capable at long-range, and with generally well-balanced stats. Who cares that it has no place being in a WW2 shooter?

BP50 Loadout
An FN2000 in... World War 2? | © Activision

Warzone 2 isn't that far away, which is evident by how little the devs care for Vanguard nowadays. And this AR is a perfect example of that. It's clearly modelled on the modern bullpup, the FN2000, and it has no place in World War 2. But you know what? Last season we received a laser gun, so why the hell not?

If you like the FN2000, sorry, the "BP50", then here's a complete loadout for the weapon in Warzone. Long story short, it's a well-balanced AR with good recoil control. Let's start with the attachments you want.

The Best Attachments For The BP50

MuzzleMercury Silencer
BarrelDesmet 540mm PMH
OpticSVT-PU Scope 3-6X
StockDesmet NOM 11S

Charlier Ank Laser

Magazine5.6mm 45 round mags
Rear GripPolymer Grip
Perk 2Fully Loaded

While a lot of these attachments might have fancy/ridiculous names, the reason we've picked them is much the same as other long-range AR builds. We want to improve recoil control as much as possible, while staying suppressed, and trying to improve range and bullet velocity where we can. To do this we have to sacrifice mobility and handling speeds of course, but this weapon won't become "slow" with all these attachments on.

You might want to exchange the optic for something without a sniper glint, or with less magnification. However, we're a strong believer in the SVT-PU as the best optic currently available in Warzone for long-range AR builds.

If you're starting to get bored with the hundreds of weapons now available to us, you'll be pleased to know that none of them transfer to Warzone 2. If you're curious, here are all the new weapons coming in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A BP50 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The BP50

Top Break attachment setup
We think you don't really need Overkill with the BP50, so why not try this Top Break build in your secondary slot? | © Activision

We don't think Overkill is strictly necessary with the BP50 because it's reliable at most ranges. So, instead of a second primary, we've opted for the Top Break revolver. If you can unlock the Shot Shell rounds for the Top Break (basically Snake Shot) then we think you have one of the best secondary options available for close-range. You might even consider a launcher if you're a Caldera-player.

For a complete run-down on the Top Break, check out this loadout guide.

The Best Equipment For The BP50


The Stun and Semtex aren't overpowered at all, they're just fairly simple grenades. But we've picked them because we think for most players in most situations these are the best equipment options. The Stun grenade is great for opening close-range fights, or checking if someone is around a corner, and the Semtex is a grenade that can be used effectively against both infantry and vehicles alike. Perfect.

The Best Perks For The BP50

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Tempered

Perk 3

Combat Scout

As we mentioned, this isn't an Overkill loadout, so we've gone with Tempered instead. This is a great perk that will allow you to reset more quickly between (or even during) engagements. And because we'll be doing a lot of shooting at range with this AR, Combat Scout is a good choice to help us track targets moving from cover to cover. To round us out, we've taken E.O.D. which is pretty much always useful, unlike some of the other perk 1 options.

If you're interested in checking out the perks that will be available in Warzone 2, we've got them all listed here.

And perks aren't the only changes coming in Warzone 2...