The Best Warzone DP27 Loadout | Most Underrated LMG

The DP27 is being criminally slept on; it's reliable and great over range. Here's a full loadout to use the DP27 with, and the current attachment meta.

DP27 Weapon Setup
The infamous "Pizza Gun" | © Activision Blizzard

Although admittedly ugly, the DP27 is a very underrated gun in Warzone. It's not mobile, but then none of the LMGs are, and what it offers instead is a weapon with perhaps the least recoil in the game. As long as you post-up and allow enemies to come to you, then you'll find the DP27 well worth levelling. Here's a complete loadout to use the DP27 with and the current meta attachment setup.

Note: This is our loadout guide for Warzone, if you're looking for a DP27 to use in Vanguard multiplayer, then you're looking for this guide.

The Best DP27 Attachment Setup

DP27 Attachment Setup
You can get this thing down to near-zero recoil. | © Activision Blizzard
MuzzleMercury Silencer
BarrelKovalevskaya 680mm BO2D
OpticSVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
StockZAC S2M
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine6.5mm Sakura 47 Round Pans
Rear GripPolymer Grip
Perk 1Hardscope
Perk 2Fully Loaded

Going for the 47-round pan might seem like a strange choice, but it's more than enough to deal with 2 or even 3 enemies, and it gives us some much-needed mobility. Everything else on the weapon is aimed at increasing bullet velocity, range, and recoil control. These three stats allow for capability over range, and that's exactly what we're using the DP27 for. Don't worry, we'll bring an SMG for the close-range.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An DP27 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon for the DP27

MP40 Warzone Setup
This is going to give a bit more recoil control than most MP40 builds. | © Activision Blizzard

The above MP40 build is going to give greater firepower, and be a little slower than most. In exchange, we've got a weapon that can reliably cover us out to 30 m, before the DP27 takes over. If you're an aggressive player, and you want faster movement speeds, then consider replacing the stock for the skeletal stock, and taking 45 round Gorenko mags.

The Best Equipment For The DP27

TacticalHeartbeat Sensor

These are both conventional equipment picks, but for players of any skill, they'll probably prove themselves more useful than other options. While the Heartbeat Sensor now has a much longer delay between scans, it's still absolutely clutch, and Semtex is so great because it can be used against vehicles and infantry with equal effectiveness.

The Best Perks for the DP27

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3


We've gone for Amped over Combat Scout with this loadout, and that's going to make up for the DP27's admittedly poor weapon swap quickness. Because when you get pushed with the DP27, you absolutely need to swap to the MP40, and you need to be able to swap as quickly as possible. In the first perk slot, we're taking E.O.D. to give us a buffer against frags and Semtex that might be thrown at us if we're posted up with the DP27.

If the TTK just isn't up to scratch for you, why not try the current long-range meta, the Bren?