Prime Gaming Hints At Day/Night Cycle Coming To Warzone 2

Amazon's official Prime Gaming Twitter account recently shared a video that heavily implied a day and night cycle was coming to Warzone 2. Now, we know Call of Duty work with Prime Gaming a lot, but we still didn't expect them to ever become the source of our leaks.

Day Night Cycle Warzone
Would you appreciate a day/night cycle in Al Mazrah? | © Activision

With Season 2 fast approaching, and all eyes fixed on the new Resurgence map, it can be easy to forget a poor old Al Mazrah. But there will always be a proportion of the playerbase who simply don't like Resurgence and will stick to the classic Battle Royale mode. Those players might have been afraid that they weren't getting any new content to enjoy with the new season, but a new Tweet from Prime Gaming suggests otherwise.

Prime Gaming Tweet Shows Day/Night Cycle In Al Mazrah

The official Prime Gaming Twitter account recently shared a short video of Al Mazrah, and in the clip you can see a day to night transition. Take a look for yourself:

It's weird that this is coming from Prime Gaming, but then it also makes us think there might be something here. Maybe it's an early teaser for the next Prime Gaming bundle, which will somehow feature night vision goggles or some such, but that feels like a stretch. It's clear that what we're meant to be paying attention to is the transition between day and night, and then dawn.

What do you think about a day/night cycle coming to Warzone 2? Would you appreciate them taking a leaf out of Fortnite's book?

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