How Many People Are Playing Warzone Right Now?

It's no secret that Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most successful free-to-play games of the last few years, but how many people are actually playing?

Wait, how many people are playing Warzone right now? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone might be in a bit of trouble as of late, especially since the Caldera Update plunged us into a broken abyss, but we must not forget about the game's legacy. The reality is that Warzone is one of the most successful games of the last few years, and one of the most successful Battle Royale's of all time. Standing alongside the greats of Fortnite and Apex Legends, it's a little hard to fault Raven Software and Infinity Ward's success with this game – especially when you look at the numbers.

It is the latter to which we refer, as well. In spite of months of decline, starting with the disappointment of Verdansk '84 and that infamous Nuke Event, and ending with Vanguard's integration and the release of the new Pacific Map, Warzone's player base is still strong. It might not be the same as it used to be, with many Activision games hemorrhaging players in the wake of sex discrimination allegations last year, but we can promise you one thing: Warzone is not going anywhere anytime soon.

How Many People Play Warzone in 2022?

At Warzone's peak it had a player count of more than 100 Million unique users, and from our calculations the game generally had between 250,000 and 500,000 players online at once. The monthly active users however are on a steady decline. At the end of June 2022 Activision counted only 94 million users, which was the first time ever, the number dropped below 100. Now, we know that you're thinking "Holy smokes, that's still a lot of people!" and you would be right, that is a lot of people. Depending of course on whether events are ongoing or if new content has been released, as well as the time of day, Warzone's player count does fluctuate a lot. For a live player count, check out this website, they have a live tracker.

Maybe those broken guns are responsible for the decline...

Regrettably, please keep in mind that Raven Software and Activision don't actually provide detailed player-reports for Warzone, despite the precedent that was set by previous Call of Duty releases. Thus, these numbers are based on individual calculations as well as investor calls and may not be entirely accurate.

How Many Play Warzone on PC?

According to reports and independent research taken by Dexerto, it seems that approximately 30% (or 30 Million) of Warzone's player-base are on PC. These players are not split between Steam players and players as the game is only on the latter platform. This means that, if Dexerto's numbers are correct, all of the above-mentioned players are on

That being said, and this goes for the rest of these numbers, this is a very unreliable sample. The survey distributed on Charlie Intel's Twitter page, garnering a 51,206 votes. The actual data gives us a PC player base of 28.4%. Similarly, a poll from MWZ gathered 26,239 votes with 30.7% reporting that they played on PC. We have therefore determined that the real number is likely to be around 30%. The problem, though, is that this data was collected from a largely biased sample, as hardcore players are the one's more likely to respond to a survey from either of these outlets.

How Many Play Warzone on PlayStation?

Taken from the same two surveys, we have determined that 41% of Warzone players are on a PlayStation console. It is hard to determine how many of these players are on PS4 as opposed to PS5. We can make a quick calculation, though. Statistica forecasts 17.9 Million PS5's sold by the end of 2021 as opposed to 117 million PS4s by the end of the same time period. That means that PS5s have sold about 15% of the overall PS4 market. Now, we won't pull any numbers out of our backside (we'll leave that to the pros), but keep in mind that many PS5 owners are also PS4 owners, so the calculation would be more complicated than simply extrapolating 15% of those 41%.

How Many Play Warzone on Xbox?

The MWZ and Dexerto data also suggests that about 29% of Warzone Players are on Xbox platforms. We won't take a look at the numbers in so much detail here, except to say that right now it is not particularly surprising to see such a stark contrast between PlayStation and Xbox. The PlayStation 4 dominated the Xbox One over the course of the last generation. In addition, seeing as the survey's sample base would predominantly hardcore players, it is to be expected that we will see an overly-inflated PC audience in these numbers.

How is Warzone's Twitch Viewership?

At Warzone's peak it saw a ridiculous 1,613,626 concurrent viewers on Twitch, yet it has reportedly shrunk to an average of 42,000 concurrent viewers in July 2022. This is bad news for Warzone's developers, Raven Software, who just before launched their new Fortune's Keep Map and a new season. Now, 42,000 is still a very strong number, making it Twitch's 9th most-watched game (as of writing), but at a mere 2.6% of its peak concurrent viewership, things are not looking great.

Is Warzone Dying with this Player Count?

Warzone's player-base is severely discontented and, whilst it is impossible to draw anything from many of the numbers discussed in this article, the game's Twitch Viewership is worrying. The game might not be dead, but it is certainly reducing in its ability to draw in and maintain high Twitch Viewership, and considering the current mood on Reddit, we wouldn't be surprised to see that the game's concurrent players have shrunk from that 100 Million Player peak back in April, 2021.

The other question we all need to be asking ourselves is this: was that 100 million the total number of players who had made accounts, or the concurrent and active player-base? Many of the players who would have signed up for Warzone would not be active players, so if the former is true then this could purely be a marketing number and not really something that we should take heed of when discussing whether Warzone is "dying". It will be curious to see how Warzone fares over the coming weeks and months, but we can pretty safely predict that things are not looking great for Raven Software, considering the game's current Twitch viewership and customer dissatisfaction.

How Many Players are in Warzone Vs. Other Battle Royales?

When it comes to comparing Warzone to other Battle Royales, it doesn't do so well either. Whilst no reliable numbers for Fortnite are available, it can be pretty solidly assumed that it has a larger player base than Warzone. This would be assumed out of pure market saturation alone. To make matters worse, Apex Legends has seen a total of 128 million players since its launch in 2019 (according to Dexerto), a staggering number considering that Apex does not carry the brand recognition of something like Call of Duty.

That Call of Duty, at its advertised peak last year, had less than Apex Legends does not bode well for its current status. It's very possible, however, that the numbers broken down and calculated by EarlyGame are not entirely accurate. Additionally, while it is true that we cannot give you a true player count for Fortnite, we can confirm that Fortnite had more than 80.4 Million active users in January 2022 alone. Whilst this may be less than Warzone's 100 Million, we again don't know what the latter number means and that's more than 80 Million users in one single month.

So there you have it: Warzone's rough player-count numbers, a small but non-reliable indication of how many players are playing Warzone right now. Keep in mind that this is all very rough and must not be taken as gospel. For clarification, this article was updated on July 5, 2022. So these numbers are accurate as per the information available today. These numbers will, however, be updated as more becomes known.