How To Fix Dev Error 6144

Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 has caused a whole new set of bugs. Dev Error 6144 is a common one, but luckily the solution is simple.
How To Fix Dev Error 6144
A Raven dev works on the Activision servers. | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone and Vanguard are always swamped with bugs and dev errors, and the flavor of the week is: Dev Error 6144. It's being caused by a couple of the new modes, but don't worry, you can fix it pretty easily. Here's a complete guide on how to resolve Dev Error 6144.

What Is Dev Error 6144?

Dev Error 6144 is caused by the new loadout restrictions that have entered the game, in Vanguard's case, via Ranked Play, and in Warzone's case because of Vanguard Royale. Basically, the game is trying to remove equipment from your loadouts that it thinks are banned in whatever mode you're playing. But in the process of doing that, it crashes the game. Unfortunately, with the amount of bugs they have piled up right now, this probably won't be addressed by the devs anytime soon. So it's worth learning the solution.

How Do You Fix Dev Error 6144?

Ensure that everything in your loadout is allowed in the game mode you're trying to play, and if the problem continues, a simple reboot should work. So for Vanguard's Ranked Play, test whether you still get the Dev Error 6144 after equipping one of our best loadouts for Ranked. And for the Vanguard Royale mode in Warzone, try out our Cooper Carbine loadout, which doesn't use any of the restricted items for that mode.

If you continue to get Dev Error 6144 then close the application and re-open it, when you sign in again your account (and loadouts) should get verified by the server.

Phew, that was fairly easy, wasn't it? It's annoying to have to deal with so many of these bugs and crashes, but a great many of them can be resolved this simply. Hopefully, Warzone 2 will be far more stable when it launches with Modern Warfare 2.