"Ban All The Overpowered Stuff": Interview On Warzone 2 With Red Bull Pro Player Jukeyz

We sat down with pro player Jukeyz recently to discuss Warzone. He's generally happy with most of the Season 2 changes, but Season 3 will be the real difference-maker, apparently.

Jukeyz Warzone Season 2
Red Bull Pro Player Jukeyz sat down with us talk about Season 2. | © Red Bull / Activision

We spoke with Red Bull Pro Player Jukeyz back when Warzone 2 launched, but since then the game has had a ton of updates, so we decided to have a catch-up. Here's a pro's perspective on Season 2, and the recently announced ranked mode coming in Season 3.

Our Interview With Jukeyz on Warzone

Let's start with the biggest addition from Season 2: the map, what do you think of Ashika Island so far?

It's a good map, loads of POIs, but I'm more of a Battle Royale player.

And what have you been using, what's the meta right now?

I'm using the TAQ-V, the Battle Rifle version of the SCAR. It does have recoil for long-range, but I've been getting up close and personal with it.

They introduced a ton of changes in Season 2, like getting rid of backpacks, what do you think about all these gameplay changes?

The plating changes were great, they've definitely been one of the best things for Warzone 2. I didn't mind the looting and the backpacks though, to be honest, but average players didn't seem to like it, so it's understandable they were changed.

What do you think about the TTK at the moment? We've seen a lot of players complain.

Oh my god, the time-to-kill, yeah you do die pretty quick. I think in public matches it should remain the same but in private matches you should be allowed to increase the health. Do you remember Iron Trials? It would be good to have those settings as an option in private matches.

What about ranked? Do you think it will be good for Warzone?

Yeah ranked will be great for Warzone, but I'm not sure how it will work I've heard a lot about Apex, so if we could get a system like theirs that would be perfect.

Would you be happy for Warzone ranked to restrict the weapons you can use, like MW2's ranked?

Yeah, I would like that, they could ban all the overpowered stuff. We've been playing customs the last few days and we've been banning the LMGs.

We still have Season 2 to enjoy before ranked even arrives of course. Have you been enjoying Resurgence?

I've been having a blast in Resurgence, the TAQ I've been using has been great to play with up close. It's great, I was live this morning popping off with it. There is one problem though, the K/D is linked together between Resurgence and Battle Royale.

How have you found the return to 1v1 Gulag? Do you like classic Gulag?

I was one of those guys who didn't mind the 2v2 gulag to be honest, I know my competitive friends hated it because they get put with someone terrible. It was a good idea, a good experience, even if it will now stay as 1v1.

And if you could get one change in Season 3, anything you like, what change would you implement?

The main thing would be to separate the stats between Resurgence and Battle Royale and introduce leaderboards. And in Ranked Play, when it comes, it would be good for it to get its own set of rules, like a higher TTK.

Thanks Jukeyz!

So, at least one pro is hyped for the new ranked mode. But what do you guys think about ranked play coming to Warzone? Is this the mode that can save CoD's BR, or will it be a let-down?

Speaking of potential disappointments...

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