Modern Warfare 2's Voice Actors

Modern Warfare 2's campaign will take us all over the world with new characters and old. Here are all the voice actors we can confirm so far.

MW2 Voice Actors
Yep, General Shepherd is in MW2... | © Activision
Modern Warfare 2's campaign is probably going to be dope. Say what you want about Infinity Ward (and their terrible map design philosophy) but they've always known how to produce an incredible campaign. This was the studio that gave us All Ghillied Up after all, the single greatest mission in Call of Duty history. And the direct predecessor to MW2, MW2019, had a fantastic campaign, with all the tacticool SAS action that a CoD fan could hope for. So what's in store for us this year? And more importantly, which characters are returning, and who's going to voice them? Let's take a look!

Modern Warfare 2 Cast: Every Voice Actor

Here are all the voice actors we can confirm so far in Modern Warfare 2:
CharacterVoice Actor
Captain John PriceBarry Sloane
Sergeant Kyle 'Gaz' GarrickElliot Knight
Lieutenant Simon 'Ghost' RileySamuel Roukin
Sergeant John 'Soap' MacTavishNeil Ellice
Colonel Alejandro VargasAlain Mesa
Major Hassan ZyaniIbrahim Renno
Lieutenant General ShepherdLance Henriksen

Quite the star-studded ensemble. And as keen-observers will have noticed, General Shepherd will be in the game, as confirmed by the recent story trailer. For those that didn't play the original MW2 from 2009 we're about to head into some spoiler territory so just skip to the next paragraph. But, this guy turned out to be a baddy in MW2, who betrays your task force and murders Ghost (RIP). So what the hell is he doing in the upcoming MW2? We can't be sure, but we'd be very surprised if they have him betray the player all over again, maybe they're saving that for MW3? We'll find it out when the campaign is released in early-access...

And there you have it folks, a complete overview of all the voice actors in MW2, some new faces and some old. Is there anyone missing who you wanted to see make a comeback? Maybe one of the iconic Call of Duty villains?

We'll be doing some serious gymnastics with these operatives, check it out: