Modern Warfare 2: Camo Challenges | How To Get Gold, Platinum & "Orion"

We've just discovered all the mastery camo challenges coming to Modern Warfare 2. Let's take a look.

Mastery Camos Mw2
The new mastery camos in Modern Warfare 2 look downright sexy. | © Activision

Weapon camos have been a tradition in Call of Duty since 2007 with CoD: 4 (another reason why it places so highly in our ranking of all Call of Duty games). Of course, way back then there were only 3 camos available and all you need to do to was get 150 headshots, do that for every weapon in a single-category, and you would get a gold weapon. But now things have changed, and it can take hours upon hours to get all the camos unlocked for a single weapon. Especially in Vanguard, the challenges became so annoying to complete that most players gave up. But thankfully the challenges are a lot less infuriating in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 has now been released (check out our review), and so we can finally share the camo challenge details with you. In this article we will go through and explain how camos are unlocked in MW2, starting from base camos and going although way to the most rare: Orion. We think most fans will appreciate the changes they've made to camos.

How To Unlock Camos In MW2?

Base Camos

Base camos are unlocked like they have been in other CoDs; level a weapon up to unlock the challenges, then complete those challenges to get camos. Although the key difference here is that each weapon with attachments will only 4 base camos to unlock, and each weapon with no attachments (like launchers and riot shields) will only have 1 base camo to unlock.

Why are there so few base camos? There's not, but now base camos are shared between weapons. So you might complete an M4 base camo challenge to unlock a jungle pattern, and now you can apply that jungle pattern camo to every gun in the game.

Here is an example of the kind of challenges you will have to do for base camos, this is for the M4:

  • Get [REDACTED] Kills with the M4. Unlocks the [REDACTED] Camo.
  • Get [REDACTED] or more Kills with the M4 without reloading [REDACTED] times. Unlocks the [REDACTED] Camo. (Challenge unlocked at Weapon Level 7.)
  • Get [REDACTED] Double Kills with the M4. Unlocks the [REDACTED] Camo. (Challenge unlocked at Weapon Level 13.)
  • Get [REDACTED] Triple Kills with the M4. Unlocks the [REDACTED] Camo. (Challenge unlocked at its Max Weapon Level, Level 20.)

And here is an example of challenges for weapons with no attachments, in this case the RPG-7:

  • Get [REDACTED] Kills with the RPG-7. Unlocks the [REDACTED] Camo.

We think most fans will like that you never have to unlock the same camo multiple times now.

Gold Camos

Once you have unlocked all the base camos for a gun, you unlock the gold camo challenge, and once you complete this challenge you unlock the gold camo. But unlike base camos, you cannot use the gold camo on any gun in the game once you've unlocked it, you can only use it on the weapon you've completed the gold challenge for.

The gold camo challenge for each weapon will ask you to make 2 or 3 kills with the weapon without dying X amount of times. That's fairly accessible, so gold should become quite common.

Gold Camo
The gold camo has become worse and worse over the years, although I will admit I prefer this to Vanguard's. | © Activision

Platinum Camos

Platinum is the only camo that works exactly the same as it does in previous games: unlock every gold camo in a class (SMG, AR, LMG etc.) and you unlock the Platinum camo for every weapon in that class. This will take you longer with ARs than with other weapon categories, as there are just so many of them. But, in general, Platinum should be easier to get than it has been in previous games.

We will need to see how this looks in first-person to be sure about the camo, but it looks decent from this angle. | © Activision

Polyatomic Camos

Polyatomic Camos are only available once you have Platinum on 51 different weapons, but in this case you aren't given Polyatomic automatically, instead a new challenge is unlocked for each of the 51 Platinum weapons you have. We don't know what kind of challenge this is going to be, but we expect it to be really tough. Especially because they've made Gold and Platinum so much easier.

Dark Aether's son. | © Activision

Orion Camos

Unlock Polyatomic on 51 different weapons, and you will automatically unlock the Orion camo on every weapon, no new challenge to be completed. By this point you've done enough to deserve it.

Okay, I really love Orion, I'll admit it. | © Activision

And there you have it folks, your complete overview of the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges. Is this looking feasible for you? Will you be grinding for the new Orion? Or are you going to be more focused on Warzone 2?

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