Call of Duty Is Getting NFTs!

Activision is considering adding NFTs to Call of Duty. Will we be able to trade weapon camos and operator skins soon?

Call of Duty is huge. We get annual releases, Warzone, CoD: Mobile and so much more. Hell, they're even planning a subscription model for CoD. NFTs are all the rage right now, and every big company is thinking about how to monetize this new concept. Do you see where we're going with this?

Yep, that's right, we could be getting NFTs in Call of Duty very soon...

NFTs In Call of Duty

According to the well-known leaker Ralph on Twitter, who leaked a lot of information about the upcoming Modern Warfare II, Activision seems to be thinking about introducing NFTs in Call of Duty.

However, it's no big secret that NFTs aren't particularly popular with gamers. Ghost Recon have tried, and EA have considered NFTs in FIFA. And like clockwork, both of these attempts created monstrous s***storms in their communities. Which is why Ralph immediately adds that it is currently only a consideration and that this idea could quickly be abandoned due to the reactions from the community just mentioned.

How Will NFTs Work In Call of Duty?

Should NFTs nevertheless appear at some point in Call of Duty, the question arises as to what the whole thing could look like in-game. With Call of Duty, there are near endless possibilities.

A very simple one would be to introduce emblems or calling cards as NFTs
. Players could then have a unique calling card NFT on their profile, similar to how NFTs can also be used as a profile picture on Twitter.

The other possibility would be that weapon camos, operator skins, and other in-game cosmetics would be offered as NFTs. That would mean that we can trade these cosmetics in the future.
It sounds crazy at first, but it's actually an ancient idea. Just think of the Steam marketplace... I mean, we've been able to trade Counter Strike skins for years, it's really not a big innovation.

Would you like to be able to collect skins and sell them again? Or would you be willing to pay large sums of money for a unique operator skin that only you really own? Personally, I'm not a big fan of NFTs and the whole concept behind them, but who knows, maybe Activision can surprise me...

Until then, here are a few tips on how to level up your weapons extra quickly: