Fans Agree $70 Is A Great Price For Yearly CoD Subscription

A recent poll among fans has revealed that most of them would happily pay $70 to subscribe yearly to Call of Duty. And frankly, we agree with them.
Call of Duty Subscription Price Good
They've found the sweet spot for how much they can charge. | © Activision Blizzard

We recently heard about Call of Duty's plan to turn the franchise into a subscription-based service. Basically, they want to charge you $70 a year to get at least one full Call of Duty game and every Battle Pass for that year. We've also heard rumors of them opening up the back-catalog to subscribers, and allowing fans to play every previous titles as well as enjoy the upcoming remasters, but this is less certain.

How does paying $70 for that kind of service sound to you? Reasonable? Greedy? Most fans agreed they would subscribe for that price, and we would agree with them. For Call of Duty players, this makes a lot of sense, especially if it guaranteed access to the older titles.

Poll Shows Most Fans In Favor Of The $70 Price Point

Warzone streamer and influencer ModernWarzone asked his fans whether they would subscribe to Call of Duty for $70, and most agreed they would. You can see the full results of the poll below:

This might sound ridiculous to people who don't play Call of Duty, but you've got to remember for most CoD fans this is their primary game. And getting the full game each year plus six Battle Passes would be a great saving at only $70. The only question we have, is what happens when Call of Duty stop releasing yearly games? They might not be going ahead with that plan this year, but it's surely coming soon.

We fear that Activision might be trying to move their audience over to a subscription model, and then they replace the yearly game with less and less content, or merely recycle old content. It wouldn't exactly be the first time Activision did something scummy...