More Bad News For Physical-Disc Buyers Of MW2: Full Download Still Required...

Physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are now being sold, but buyers have been upset to discover that the discs don't contain MW2. In fact, they only contain 72 MB of data...

MW2 Disc
The disc of Modern Warfare 2 is basically just a download key. | © Activision / Sony

Sony, Xbox and publishers alike want fans to buy games digitally. They get the same amount of money, but they don't need to physically produce anything, and even better, more digital sales means a smaller second-hand market. It's not consumer-friendly, sure, but you can see why they want to see this change. Hence, the non-disc version of the PS5 is significantly cheaper than it's alternative.

Even with this in mind, Activision have probably gone too far with Modern Warfare 2. It's as if they hate physical buyers of the game. First, the campaign was only made available via early access to digital buyers, and not physical buyers. And now, with first physical copies of MW2 arriving at the homes of eager fans, gamers are discovering that the disc doesn't even contain Modern Warfare 2...

Disc-Buyers Furious About Modern Warfare 2

A physical copy of Modern Warfare 2 for PS5 only contains 72 MB, and requires fans to download the whole game digitally. Many fans are upset because this could mean they don't get to play until quite late into launch weekend. Others have argued that it's all intentional and that Activision could fit the game on a single disc if they wanted to.

As one commentator added:

Maybe they couldn't fit the game on disc, or maybe they wanted to encourage fans to go digital. Either way, physical buyers of the game are p*ssed. Perhaps in the future, even if it's not ideal, you should buy digital if you're a CoD fan. At least that way you get access to your purchase the minute the game goes live.

If you don't care about having to download the game (and if you were persuaded by our review) then here's a link to buy MW2.

Here's something positive about Modern Warfare 2 to end on:

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