Warzone Mobile | Everything You Need To Know

With Warzone Mobile, the popular BR shooter is finally coming to smartphones. We have collected all Warzone Mobile news about the release date and more for you.

Projec Aurora Warzone mobile
Why not call it Warzone Mobile? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile has been around for a while now, and it's crazy successful. There are even tournaments and world championships with enormous price pools for it. So it's no wonder that Activision also wants to bring their huge battle royale hit Warzone to our smartphones. Games like Fortnite or PUBG have already proven that Battle Royales also work on mobile, and CoD: Mobile already has a BR mode based on Blackout from Black Ops 4.

Warzone Mobile was already announced back in March – at least there was a short blog entry back then looking for developers to help bring Warzone to mobile. But now the project is officially announced and we have collected all the important info about Warzone Mobile here.

What Is Project Aurora?

Project Aurora was the official codename for Warzone Mobile. Until the big Call of Duty Next event, Warzone Mobile was only called Project Aurora by the official side, although it had been known for a long time that it was the mobile offshoot of Warzone.

Warzone Mobile Release Date

Warzone Mobile will be released sometime in 2023, but we have not received a more exact date yet. However, since players can already pre-register on Google Play, we expect Warzone Mobile to be released in the first half of 2023 in any case.

Btw, this is everything we already know about Warzone 2:

Warzone Mobile Features

Warzone Mobile will feature matches for up to 120 players and will include a number of cool new features. Since Warzone Mobile is closely tied to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, it will share weapons, operators, and more with those games, and even allow cross-progression between the games. Just as you can currently level your Battle Pass in both Warzone and Vanguard, in the future you will be able to level your Battle Pass across games in Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile Content

Here we list everything we know so far about the content of Warzone Mobile. You can find news about weapons, killstreaks, equipment, maps and more. Please keep in mind that most of the information here is based on leaks and has not been officially confirmed yet.

Warzone Mobile Weapons

Warzone Mobile will come with a variety of weapons, all of which seem to be rather modern so far. Since the game is closely linked to MWII, the weapons should also be based on MWII weapons. The following weapons are already known to us thanks to leaks, but we expect that there will be a lot more at release:

Assault RiflesM4
SMGsLacha9 (MP5)
Sniper RiflesAX50
Melee WeaponsFist

Warzone Mobile Equipment

Warzone wouldn't be Warzone without grenades and tactical equipment, so here's a list of all the lethal and tactical equipment leaked so far. If you've played Warzone before, you'll already know all the equipment here, so we're excited to see if Warzone Mobile will also introduce its own mobile-exclusive equipment.


Frag Grenade

Proximity Mine
Throwing Knife
Flash Grenades
Stun Grenades
Smoke Grenades

Warzone Mobile Killstreaks & Field Upgrades

Killstreaks and field upgrades will of course also be part of Warzone Mobile, and we've already seen a few leaks here, too. Again, no big surprises, but we hope that we will get a little more variety at launch.

KillstreaksField Upgrades
Cluster StrikesAmmo Box
Precision AirstrikeArmor Box
UAVStopping Power
Advanced UAVDeployable Cover
Shield Turret

Warzone Mobile System Requirements

So far, only the requirements for high-end devices are known, but the developers have already confirmed that other and especially older smartphones will be supported in future versions. Here you can see the known requirements:

iOSiPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro & Max (6GB)
AndroidSamsung S20 and S21

That's all the information we have on Warzone Mobile or Project Aurora so far. As soon as we learn more, we will update this article for you. Until then, here are the best weapons in Warzone for you.