Rust Is In Modern Warfare 2!

In honor of the OG Modern Warfare 2 from 2009, the classic 1v1 map Rust is back. But it's not strictly a map yet, right now it exists within another map, and will most likely only become split off from that larger map with the launch of Gunfight.

Rust in MW2
Rust is in Modern Warfare 2? | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is out now, and it's launched with 10 6v6 maps (most of which are okay, with the exception of one absolutely dogsh*t map). It might not seem like many, but as we said in our review, IW's map design has vastly improved since MW2019.

However, as Ground War players will discover, there are tons of remade older maps which feature as locations in the larger-scale maps. The most notable example is an absolute classic: Rust. And we think it might become its own map when Gunfight is released.

Rust In Modern Warfare 2

The central tower from the Rust map, pictured above, has been recreated in one of Modern Warfare 2's Ground War maps. This is classic Activision, always playing with our nostalgia for the past. But, that said, I can't blame them; Rust is absolutely iconic of the OG MW2, and so it only feels right that it should appear in MW2 (2022) in some form.

You can see gameplay of rust in Modern Warfare 2 here:

Given that it's in the game we're quite certain that it will be re-used and become its own map when the popular 2v2 Gunfight mode is released. Or at least, we very much hope that's the case.

If the inclusion of Rust has persuaded you to get them game, here's a link to buy MW2.

Here's what else you can look forward to in Modern Warfare 2:

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