Last Minute Change: Loadouts & Perks WILL Be In Warzone 2.0!

We thought we wouldn't be getting loadout drops or perks in Warzone 2.0. But Call of Duty have changed their mind...

Warzone 2 0 Loadouts Perks
There will be loadout drops in Warzone 2.0, but is that a good thing? | © Activision

At the Call of Duty Next Event, select content creators were able to play Warzone 2.0, and we saw some exciting innovations. Besides the awesome new movement mechanics, we were also told that there would be no loadouts or perks in Warzone 2.0. But the reception to this news was very poor following CoD Next. Now, a leaker is claiming that CoD have decided to revert that change, and in fact, loadouts and perks will be back in Warzone 2.0...

Loadouts & Perks In Warzone 2.0

According to proven-leaker Metaphor, Call of Duty have changed their mind on removing Perks & Loadouts, and both of these will return to Warzone 2.0. Thank god. Here's how he cryptically explained the news:

If you're curious about the robot emojis, he's trying to say that bots won't be all over the new Warzone map, they're going to be contained within Strongholds only.

So there you go folks, complaining on Twitter really does have an effect. Call of Duty are listening. If only they would listen to us about Modern Warfare 2...

What did you think of the proposed change? Would you have accepted no Loadouts?

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