Warzone 2 Pre-Download: File Size & Start Time

Warzone 2.0 is fast approaching and here are the exact details you need to know for launch. You can find the Warzone 2 file size, pre-download details, and start time below. Check out the video for a quick summary.

Warzone 2 is almost upon us. The new iteration of CoDs Battle Royale is hoping to win back the 2020 audience with swimming, ledge-hanging, Strongholds and more. And while it doesn't all sound promising (looking at you 2v2 Gulag), we're hyped to see this massive new map. And when we say massive, we mean it.

Warzone 2's file size has recently been leaked, and it is obnoxiously large. In this article you can find all the specific details you need to know about pre-downloading Warzone 2. We've also provided the official start times for Warzone 2 around the globe.

Warzone 2 Download Size Leaked

If you want to install Warzone 2.0 alone, i.e. without Modern Warfare 2, you will need a lot of space again. The downloads have the following size depending on the platform:

  • PC: 170 GB
  • PlayStation: 115 GB
  • Xbox: 115 GB

If you own Modern Warfare 2, you have already installed Warzone 2.0 for the most part and only need to download the Season 1 update, which will only be a few GB in size. If you want to run Warzone 2.0 on your SSD, you should think about which other files you could move or delete, otherwise you will run out of space.

Warzone 2 Pre-Download

As is Call of Duty tradition, the preload has been available since November 14. As mentioned above, players who own and have installed Modern Warfare 2 do not need to preload Warzone 2.0, as they already have the game installed with MW2. All those who only want to play Warzone and DMZ and do not own MW2 can still use the preload until 11/16 at 10pm PT, at which point Warzone 2.0 will officially go live.

Warzone 2 Start Time

Warzone 2 will go live at the exact time for every platform and all regions: 10AM PT (1PM ET / 6PM GMT / 7PM CET) on Wednesday, November 16. In fact, knowing how Call of Duty releases go, they usually open the servers a few minutes before this time to ensure a smooth launch. So if you're absolutely desperate to get into Al Mazrah then you should start trying to get in about 30 minutes before the official start time, and (depending on what server you ping to) you could get lucky.

Will you be hopping in as soon as Warzone 2 launches? If so then you better get grinding Modern Warfare 2 for those meta weapons! Here's a link to buy MW2, and here is a tier-ranking of every single weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

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