3rd-Person Modes Are Coming In Warzone 2

Modern Warfare 2 brought with it a new CoD engine: IW9, and IW9 is capable of running in 3rd-person mode. As Warzone 2 will also be running on IW9 they've decided to bring some of that 3rd-person action to the Battle Royale.

3rd-person Warzone
This is what 3rd-person looks like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2, being an Infinity Ward CoD, also came with a new engine (IW builds the CoD engines). And a great feature of that engine, besides all the ledge-hanging and vehicle antics, is the ability to play CoD in 3rd-person. It's obviously a more casual, relaxed mode, but it's still a good laugh when you're looking for a change of pace.

Warzone 2 is also going to run on this fancy new engine, IW9, and so the devs have decided to take advantage of it's 3rd-person capabilities. Will it be popular? Certainly not as much as the regular Battle Royale mode, but we think it's a nice way to offer more variety.

If you want to see whether a 3rd-person mode is available after each weekly playlist update, here you go:

Warzone 2 Will Have A 3rd-Person Mode

As officially confirmed, Warzone 2 will have a dedicated 3rd-person mode. All the normal rules from Battle Royale will apply, and you'll be playing on the Al Mazrah map, but you'll be looking at your operator from an over-the-shoulder perspective. When you ADS you will remain in 3rd-person for optics with a magnification strength weaker than 2x, otherwise you will look down your sight in the regular 1st-person fashion.

Warzone 2's 3rd-person mode will be released with Season 1: Reloaded, the mid-season update, on December 14 at 10AM PT (1PM ET / 6PM GMT / 7PM CET), and we don't yet know whether the mode will be permanently available to play. We will of course update you as soon as we are made aware of more details, but we would expect it to be permanent. Who knows, perhaps this could become the new Plunder, so to speak.

Will you be hopping into 3rd-person mode, or sticking to the regular BR? Maybe you learn to love 3rd-person so much you buy a copy of Modern Warfare 2 (if so, here's a link to buy MW2). Oh, and whether you're going to play 3rd-person or 1st, you need good weapons. Here is a tier-ranking of every single weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

And here's what else you can look forward to in Modern Warfare 2:

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