How To Fix Warzone Error Code 11328

Warzone Error Code 11328 is currently annoying a lot of Warzone players. We have a few tips on how to fix this error code.

Warzone error code 11328
Let's blow this error code into oblivion. | © Activision

Warzone is being plagued by a multitude of different error codes, and only recently was the frustrating Dev Error patched. But, as is with every patch, we got a new error code. Considering the amount of players and games that were integrated into Warzone, it's no surprise to see so many error codes pop up. Hopefully, Raven and Activision learn from these, and are able to contain these errors to a minimum in Warzone 2.

Enough talk, let's see how we can fix error code 11328.

What is Warzone Error Code 11328?

Warzone Error Code 11328 hinders you from playing the game by sticking you in an endless "Fetching Online Profile" loop. The problem seems to lie with your Activision account, and for some reason, the game can't access it. The problem seems to be more widespread on the Xbox, but it can affect everyone.

Unfortunately, Error Code 11328 isn't new, and it has made a couple of appearances in the past. It looks like the Season 4: Reloaded patch sprung this error code back into life, and now it is haunting innocent players.

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Warzone Error Code 11328 Fix

Since the problem is associated with your Activision account, we recommend these following steps:

Restart the console & game

Most of the time, a simple restart will do the trick. This gives the game a second chance to look for your Activision account. You might have to try this approach several times, if it doesn't work right away.

Update the game

Make sure that Warzone is up-to-date and running on the newest version. In the launcher, you have to hit the settings button, and then select "Search for Updates". On console, you just have to press the options button while hovering over the game. Sometimes it helps if you delete and reinstall some game packages.

Restart your router

Sometimes all you need to do, is a simple router restart, since this seems to do wonders when it comes to online games. Just unplug your router, wait a couple of seconds, and plug it back in. As soon as the internet is back, you can try restarting Warzone.

Scan & repair, or reinstallation

If the options above didn't work, then we have to move to drastic measures. On PC, you have the option to scan the game and to repair it. This process scans the game for faulty data, and then re-installs said data. But, this may take up a lot of your time, so you have to be patient.

You'll also have to be patient if you're forced to re-install the complete game since Warzone is absolutely massive. You'd be surprised to see how many problems can be solved by re-installing the game.

And that's all there is regarding the error code 11328. We hope some of these tips were useful, and you're back in the game grinding those dubs. If nothing helped, then you have to try the Activision Support.