Warzone Operation: Last Call | This Is How The New Mode Works

Operation: Last Call is a new game mode in Warzone Season 5. This is how it works!

Operation last call
This is how Operation: Last Call works in Warzone. | © Activision

Warzone Season 5 goes live on August 24th, and it's bringing us a new game mode called "Operation: Last Call". Since we all want to know what's going on in the new mode, we've broken down how Operation: Last Call works for you here.

Warzone Operation: Last Call

Operation: Last Call is a time-limited game mode that is somewhat reminiscent of the popular Search and Destroy mode found in CoD multiplayer. There are two teams in the mode, one tasked with defusing bombs on Caldera, while the other aims to detonate them. Of course, the bombs are not randomly distributed across Caldera, but are located at specific bomb sites. Depending on which team wins, Caldera is either still there or pretty much destroyed...

But be careful, that's not all. There is also a new in-game event during Operation: Last Call. The volcano on Caldera seems to have awakened and is spewing lava. During Operation: Last Call matches, lava chunks will be raining down from the sky, which release a kind of gas that damages you when they hit. If some of the molten lava lands directly on you, you're dead.

So that you know how bad the lava eruptions are becoming there's going to be a Volcano Meter (a display that always informs you about how active the volcano is at the moment). From this indicator, and the increasing smoke around the volcano, players can tell when the next chunks of lava wil fall from the sky.

That's all we know about Operation: Last Call so far. We'll know more once Warzone Season 5 goes live on August 24th. So stay tuned and check out the best weapons for Caldera to get ready!

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