Warzone: PC Players Crying About Aim Assist

Aim Assist in Warzone has long been a point of contention in the Call of Duty community. Let's take a look at why PC players are still upset about Aim Assist in Warzone.

Warzone Aim Assist
Warzone's aim assist is op... | © Activision

Anyone who has ever played shooters on a console will know aim assist. Console gamers love it, PC gamers hate it, and it leads to the same discussion over and over again, especially in multiplayer games that can be played cross-platform: Is aim assist just a legal aimbot?

Especially PC players, who don't get any aim assist with mouse and keyboard, like to talk themselves out of it when they get killed by saying that the opponent had aim assist. However, there are differences in the strength of the aim assist and we know that the one in Warzone it is quite strong – something that has already been shown several times.

What Is Aim Assist?

Aim assist is the developers' attempt to bridge the gap between controller and mouse players. With Aim Assist enabled, your crosshair will move near an enemy player on their own. While the crosshair doesn't simply snap on directly to the opponent's head like it does with an aimbot, it does track close opponents easily without you having to use the stick yourself to do so. Since you can aim much more accurately with a mouse than with a controller, this is supposed to compensate for the disadvantage.

This Is Why PC Players Hate Aim Assist In Warzone

Aim assist itself isn't really a big deal; just about every shooter offers some sort of aim assist to controller users. However, there are significant differences in the strength of the aim assist and especially in Warzone, clips keep popping up that show absurdly strong aim assist. In Warzone, it's mainly about the so-called "rotational aim assist", which rotates your entire character in CQC fights, when an enemy runs past you... Just check it out for yourself:

As seen in the video, JGOD doesn't even touch the sticks of his controller, and yet his weapon moves along with the players hopping around in front of him. Of course, this only works at very short distances, but especially in close combat, controller players have an enormous advantage this way, since they can hop and slide around in circles like crazy and have no problem staying on top of the enemy with the crosshair.

Since Call of Duty is a very fast-paced game with a lot of sprinting, sliding, and short-range combat, many PC players have switched to controllers to take advantage of the aim assist as well. That's exactly why people on Reddit are now asking whether the rotational aim assist in Warzone will be toned down at some point.

Rotational aim assist???? Soft aimbot from CODWarzone

Yes, aim assist is important when you have console and PC players gaming together, and at the pro level, a mouse player is probably still better, but especially in casual matches, you sometimes feel cheated as an average PC player when you see the killcam.

What is your opinion on aim assist in Warzone? Should it be toned down? Should it be abolished completely, and console players should just disable crossplay or get a mouse and keyboard as well? Tell us your opinion.