Warzone Stories: All The New Calling Cards

Call of Duty have just released a series of Calling Cards in honor of all the biggest moments in Warzone's history. Here are all the Calling Cards.

Warzone Stories Calling Cards
The real Warzone was the friends we made along the way. | © Activision

It's been two and a half years since Warzone was first released. Perhaps you remember your very first game? Lockdown was starting, everyone was back home and playing video games again, and Call of Duty had just released an ambitious new battle royale. And it blew us away; Verdansk was an instant-classic.

The new Warzone map "Al Mazrah", probably won't be as beloved (although all the POIs based on old MW2 maps are a treat). It's simply never going to be possible for Warzone to capture the magic of 2020 again. But we'll always have the memories, and that's exactly what Call of Duty is reminding us of with these new Calling Cards. The "Warzone Stories" calling cards pay homage to all the big moments in the original Warzone. It's a great way to remember the OG before we move on to Warzone 2 later this year. Let's check them out.

Note: All of these Calling Cards are completely free and available to anyone who logs in during Season 5: Reloaded.

The "Warzone Stories" Calling Cards

You can find all the "Warzone Stories" Calling Cards, and a description of what they're referencing, beneath.

Warzone Stories: King Grau!

This Calling Card honors the Grau 5.56, which was probably the most popular weapon we ever had in Warzone. This is because it coupled a great mid-range TTK with one of the most controllable recoil patterns we had ever seen. And because the Archangel barrel provided one of the best iron sights in CoD history, you also got an extra attachment slot to use. You've all seen the Grau, you've all used, and some of you still are, years later.

S4 playercard wz Grau 556
King Grau! | © Activision

Warzone Stories: Cracked Meta!

This Calling Card remembers the most hated gun in Warzone's history, not it's most beloved. This is of course the DMR 14. It came with the BOCW integration and between that point and January 6, 2021 (when it was nerfed), it was by far and away the most dominant weapon in the game.

The DMR could do it all, at close, medium and long-range. And the TTK was so impressive, it basically made everything else redundant. Good riddance.

S4 playercard wz the new meta 02
Cracked Meta! | © Activision

Warzone Stories: Eagle Child!

This is a funny one. "Eagle Child" was what one Redditor heard when other players and streamers were saying "ego-chall". An "ego-chall, in Call of Duty parlance, describes a challenge that one player makes on another player when they really shouldn't and don't have an advantage. It's one player's ego making them think, "I'm better than this person, I don't care that I have no armor in, I'm going to go around this corner and take the fight". That's what people are referring to when they say "ego-chall", no-one is saying "eagle-child".

S4 playercard wz eagle child
Eagle Child! | © Activision

Warzone Stories: Big Fish!

This one is less relevant to Warzone, it's just playing on the joke of how confidently misinformed some folks have been over the years when arguing about the game. Hence, declaring a whale a "big fish" and not a mammal.

S4 playercard wz whale fish
Big Fish! | © Activision

Warzone Stories: Pest Control!

Oof. This one is a reminder of the biggest mistakes the devs have made in Warzone. And one of the worst things they ever did was release the infamous Roze skin seen pictured in the Calling Card. This skin made you invisible in dark spaces and using it became synonymous with being toxic. Even once they changed the skin so that it no longer gave you an advantage, certain players still wore it as a way to proudly declare they were toxic and didn't care.

S4 playercard wz pest control
Pest Control! | © Activision

Warzone Stories: Swap-Seat-Snipe!

When they first released planes into Warzone it was not well received. They were simply far too strong. And you could use them to pull off the infamous "plane strat" which would guarantee you a top 3 placing in every game.

But besides all the negative things there are to say about planes in Warzone, they also gave us a lot of great clips. This Calling Card honors all the great clips we saw of people flying up, swapping to the back seat (where you could use your weapons) and sniping the pilot of a rival plane. Awesome.

S4 banner swap seat snipe
Swap-Seat-Snipe! | © Activision

And there you have it folks, a complete overview of all the Warzone Stories Calling Cards, and the memories they're referencing.

This might mean goodbye, but let's not forget we'be got a whole new Warzone experience to enjoy soon...

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