You Can Buy The Call of Duty Ray Gun For $600

Activision just launched an official Call of Duty Ray Gun statue for $600. Should you really spend that much on a plastic gun?

Co D Ray Gun
The Call of Duty Ray Gun statue does look good... | © Activision

Zombies has been a big part of Call of Duty since its first introduction in World at War 2008. Since then, a ton of Call of Duty games came with a dedicated Zombies mode. The round based Zombies maps as well as the open-world Outbreak mode from Black Ops Cold War have a huge fan base, and there are even CoD players out there that only play Zombies and don't care for the multiplayer at all.

One of the most iconic weapons in CoD Zombies has always been the Ray Gun. A rather tiny pistol that looks like straight out of a 80s science fiction movie, but excels at slaying Zombies en masse.

Pre-Order Your Own Call of Duty Ray Gun Statue

Activision now announced their official Call of Duty Ray Gun statue. It is a complete 1:1 replica of the in-game weapon and does look pretty cool, actually. However, it is listed for $600, which is a shit ton of money... Right now, the Ray Gun is only available to pre-order and will be ready to ship in June 2023, but you can already place your order.

The Ray Gun Statue will come as a 1:1 replica with built-in LED lights and a cool Mystery Box as a mount. Here is the official description:

Introduced in Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, the Ray Gun is the most well-known wonder weapon from the mystery box. Mystical technology fuels this weapon, helping fans blast through round by round of zombie extermination.

Visiting the Pack-A-Punch machine only increased the fire power of this weapon, giving you more ammo & splash damage to guide your way through record-breaking levels.

Now is your chance to acquire the gun that’s always been there for you… and will never run out of ammo.

Since the latest Call of Duty doesn't have a Zombies mode and CoD 2023 will most likely also not have one, buying the Ray Gun might help to comfort you until 2024.

Are you into Call of Duty Zombies? And if so, do you love it enough to spend $600 on a Ray Gun statue? I really like the look of it and would love to put that on my desk, but $600 is just a bit too much...

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