Asmongold, MrBeast & More Critizise Elon Musk After Twitter Exclusivity Rule Whiplash

Elon Musk is under fire again, after Twitter announced an exclusivity rule, banning users for promoting other social media profiles.
Thumbnail Twitter Exclusivity
AsmongoldTV and MrBeast don't look too happy with Elon | © Asmongold via Twitch, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On December 18, the official Twitter Support account posted a tweet announcing that they are no longer going to allow users to promote certain social media on their accounts. This prompted a LOT of backlash from content creators like AsmongoldTV and MrBeast.

Asmongold and MrBeast Call Out Elon Musk

In their Tweet, the official Twitter accounts states that promotion of certain social media will no longer be tolerated... for free that is. Maybe this was supposed to set up another one of Musk's genius monetization ideas, so users would have to pay for a new feature that allows cross-platform promotion.

Twitter promoting "Free Speech" | © Twitter

This lead to a lot of backlash from normal users and content creators alike, who call out Musk for his exclusionary practices.

The biggest content creator to do so was MrBeast. Jimmy reacted to a poll which Musk tweeted out, asking whether he should "step down as the head of Twitter", claiming he will abide by the results of this poll.

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MrBeast's reaction to this tweet was directly related to the new policy:

Elon's poll also showed the users' dissatisfaction with the state of Twitter after Musk took over, as (at the moment of writing) 57.5% of people would like him to step down as the head of Twitter.

Another big content creator that spoke out against this new policy was Asmongold, who has mostly been pro-Elon so far. Well, apparently he is fed up with Good ol' Elon's shenanigans, as he called this new regulation "exclusionary and desperate".

In his Tweet, Asmon also provides a beautiful description of what makes the internet beautiful and interesting, which was kinda the point of Twitter in the first place as well. The interconnected nature was kind of Twitter's identity in the first place.

The huge amount of backlash apparently helped Elon realize that as well, as soon after, the Tweet was deleted.

Twitter Support Deletes Their Tweet Regarding Cross-Platform Promotion

As was the case with his purchase of Twitter, it seems like there is going to be a lot more back and forth, as the Tweet, that informed users of this new policy, was quickly deleted.

This didn't really help alleviate people's concerns, but at least users can still go about their lives as they did previously, I guess?

Musk's decisions seem kind of arbitrary, the way he just jumps back and forth between things. Kind of reminds me of the time he fired most of his staff, just to ask them to come back like a week later or so.