Christian Bale Went to Beat Up Keyboard Warrior IRL

You don't mess with Batman, and a keyboard warrior had to learn the hard way that Christian Bale doesn't play around.

Christian bale fight fan irl
It seems my man wasn't acting... | © American Psycho

Ok, I absolutely love this story. I knew Christian Bale was mad, but I love the extent to which he actually is nuts, and how authentic it feels for him. In an interview, Christian Bale revealed that he legit once went to beat up an internet troll, but... let me start at the beginning:

Christian Bale Wanted to Beat Up Internet Troll

So the interview in question took place with GQ. In said interview, Christian Bale revealed that some keyboard warrior was threatening to beat him up at a certain location, at a certain time... and Christian Bale actually went to that certain location at that certain time:

I remember somebody warned me, must have been a friend of mine who was crazy early on the internet. He called me up and said ‘There’s some person and they know where you walk every day and you go down this back alley, and they say they’re going to jump on you and rip your cerebral cortex out of your head. So please don’t go down that alley.'

So of course I was like, ‘I’m going down that alley, I wanna see what happens.’ Unfortunately, nothing happened. I kept walking up and down it going ‘Where are they?’ But nothing ever happened.

Am I the only that thinks this is gonna escalate and the internet is going to have a bunch of threats lined up for Christian Bale, just to see him kick some IRL-ass? Maybe that's just the fantasy world I live in, but this just goes to show that some celebrities really are badasses.