Keanu Reeves Beefing With Leonardo DiCaprio?

Keanu Reeves quit Leonardo DiCaprio's upcoming Hulu series 'The Devil In the White City'. What's going on?

Keanu Reeves quits leonardo dicaprio series
Actual re-enactment of Leo receiving Keanu's call. | © Wolf of Wall Street

Call me dramatic, call me clickbaity, call me crazy, call me whatever, but when I hear an actor stepping down from a lead role... it's a smoking gun to me. Now, Keanu Reeves steps down from a series where he is the co-lead next to Leonardo DiCaprio, and where he'd be under supervision of Martin Scorsese? Something must be off...

Keanu Reeves Quits DiCaprio Movie

Just the other day Keanu Reeves revealed that he'd love to play Ghost Rider in the MCU, but I highly doubt Kevin Feige and Marvel came knocking so quickly that that's the reason Keanu quit the series. Now, I don't know any serious actor that would willingly quit a series with Leo and Scorsese attached (granted, I don't know any actors, but... whatever).

To me that points to one of two things: Either Keanu and Leo are beefing, or... playing next to Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves was exposed for being a one-dimensional actor that can only play the awkward/stoic introvert. Maybe it's the former, maybe the latter... whatever it is, I'm sure tabloids will pick up on it soon, and I'll be her to cover it.

As for the movie that Keanu quit, it's an adaption of Erik Larson's book 'The Devil in the White City', a story set in Chicago, where Daniel Burnham creates the 1893 World Fair, while serial killer H. H. Holmes is... out there serial-killing. Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play the killer, while Keanu was meant to play the protagonist.

The series is obviously a big deal, because... how often do you see Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese doing television? It's a testament to the change in times, and the power of on-demand TV, and it's a shame that Reeves won't be a part of it, but it's not like they're going to struggle to find and actor bending over backwards for that role.

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