Deadpool Joins MCU

Was Deadpool supposed to be in Shang-Chi? Will he make it into another MCU movie? We sure hope so and we have some proof!

Deadpool MCU Shang Chi
This is the concept art by Andrew Kim. | © Andrew Kim/Disney

Deadpool is one of the most well-known and beloved characters that Marvel has come out with. Sure, he’s brash, swears a lot and somehow knows he’s in a comic book, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most iconic characters in film.

Adding him to the MCU universe would only make sense, right?

Shang-Chi Concept Art Reveals Deadpool

Concept artist Andrew Kim has revealed some of the concept pieces he created for the film Shang-Chi which was released in 2021. One of the stunning pieces of art caught our attention, though. It was a scene we knew so well from the movie, but… different.

We can see the Golden Daggers Club, but with two unexpected fighters. On the one hand we see Proxima Midnight, while on the other the merc with a mouth makes an appearance as well, his signature red and black suit catching our attention right away.

Was this just added in thanks to the artists' appreciation of Deadpool? If we go by the timeline, then it probably means yes. Shang-Chi takes place after Avengers: Endgame, which means Proxima Midnight wouldn’t be alive since they were killed when Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones.

So, it seems like this time Deadpool being part of the MCU was just a false alarm, but imagine the havoc he could cause and the excitement he would bring.

Will Deadpool Join the MCU?

Even though Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool did not make an appearance in Shang-Chi, there is a high chance that he could be part of the upcoming Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness film. Why?

It seems like the film will be bouncing between various realities and universes. We do think that Dr. Stephen Strange could make his way into the Fox’s X-Men. These rumors are fuelled by Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor X in the series, making an audio cameo in the trailer.

So, if we’re already adding in the X-Men, why not add in the merc with the mouth as well?