Is Fuslie Quitting GTA RP?

Leslie "Fuslie" Fu has announced she will be taking a break from GTA RP. Why the break, and is this the end for Fuslie?
Gta rp fuslie
Cool gals don't look at explosions. | © Rockstar Games / Fuslie / EarlyGame

Leslie "Fuslie" Fu has announced that she will be taking another break from GTA RP. The decision seems to be quite an unwanted one, even from the streaming star herself, but sometimes people just need to look after themselves, and it seems like now's that time.

You see, GTA RP has been around for a while but only exploded into popularity back in early January 2021 when the NoPixel server dropped Update 3.0 and a huge number of streamers jumped into the role playing version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA RP has also been somewhat in the headlines of late, as after an incredibly intense year at the height of the Steam and Twitch charts, streamers are starting to get a bit tired of it. Take xQc, for example, who recently announced his departure, or Valkyrae, who is refusing to play GTA RP altogether, and you wouldn't be so surprised by Fuslie's decision.

Will Fuslie Return To GTA RP?

Fuslie will likely return to GTA RP, as she has expressed that she still loves the mode and is simply taking a break to combat her feelings of burnout. She talked about it both in a now-viral tweet and a stream, explaining that whilst she loves streaming and playing GTA RP, it was time to take a break for a while.

What did Fuslie say about GTA RP, though? Well, here's what she said on Twitter:

I genuinely love RP so much but just sitting back and reflecting rn and I'm exhausted/kinda burning out and want to take a week or two break. but with business RP I feel like I can't which makes me feel even more like I need a break :(

After sending the tweet, Fuslie then jumped onto a stream to explain her decision, saying that she is "a little burnt out from GTA". She explained that she was having trouble dealing with some comments and just needs a little break from people who clearly care way too much about what is going on in the game.

You don't even know, it's so tiring. Like, people care twenty times more than the creators and the people who are actually role playing. Like, people get so upset or read into the way we do things.

It sounds like a perfectly reasonable decision to make. If you're not having fun with something, if it no longer brings you joy and instead brings you constant anxiety and stress, then why do it? It looks like Fuslie will return to GTA RP, but first she needs to deflate and take a good long break. Play some Halo Infinite, maybe. Yeah... we'd recommend it!