It's Tummy Day And Twitter Is Getting Weird | #いいおなかの日

Sometimes it really makes you wonder what becomes a trend on Twitter. But today, #いいおなかの日 went viral on Twitter, and the topic? Tummies.

Tummy Twitter
Some artists really elevalte tummy day to the next level | © Pama Mendez

When it comes to trending hashtags, you think about hot topics, which a lot of people post or repost and which, most of the time at least, are addressing a pressing issue. Well, not today, as the Hashtag #いいおなかの日 took over Twitter with more than 480K Tweets.

With Elon Musk's Twitter takeover, the God of War: Ragnarök release and more than enough other stuff going on right now, you would expect those to be the hottest topics on Twitter right now.

You would be wrong though, as the thing people posted the most about, especially in my Twitter Feed, was tummies. You can judge me all you want, but I'm not one of the more than 480K people posting pictures of Cartoon, Anime, but also some real tummies. Judge them, not me!

At first, I was really confused and curious about the hashtag, as I had no freaking clue what #いいおなかの日 could possibly mean. I was pleasantly surprised, though.

You really get a lot of surprises on Twitter and Twitch nowadays:

I just google translated it, and it means "good tummy day". Could have expected this after seeing the posts...

Anyway, here is what you clicked for this post for:

The hashtag combines a pretty wide variety of slim, muscular, thicc, anime, cartoony, realistically drawn, and real tummies, so there is something for everyone. We should all appreciate a fine tummy.

I've really seen too many sexy anime characters in the last couple of days:

I just wish Elon Musk would participate in this trend...

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