Queen Cleopatra On Netflix Is Officially The Worst Show In History

After the initial backlash, Netflix's Cleopatra docudrama received, it has now officially become one of the worst shows ever released, as negative reviews continue to pour in.

Cleopatra is the worst show Netflix ever produced. | © Netflix

Queen Cleopatra was up to a bad start, as the first backlash started even before the show initially released. After the first trailer dropped, people kept calling the docudrama out on historical inaccuracies. Now, after people started actually watching the show… it got even worse, as reviews paint Cleopatra as one of the worst shows to ever release.

Cleopatra was a legendary queen of Ancient Egypt, known for her beauty, intelligence, and political prowess. As the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, she navigated complex political alliances and captivated powerful men, including Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Her reign remains an iconic symbol of Egyptian history and female leadership.

Queen Cleopatra Torn Down By The Haters

While Cleopatra was passed down throughout history as one of the most badass women ever, her portrayal in the Netflix docudrama was considered sorely lacking by many.

The show was met with predominantly negative reviews, which even led to the worst score in Rotten Tomatoes history! With an audience score of 2% and an 11% approval rating by critics, the show must have truly missed the mark with viewers. But why the hate?

Not even addressing the whole drama that came from the iconic Egyptian ruler being portrayed by a mixed-heritage black woman, (which even upset the Egyptian government) the show was severely criticized for how lacking it was in the documentary areas.

Many critics stated that the series would have been better off as a simple drama show, instead of a docudrama. It seems like that is the main complaint, even when speaking about the casting of Adele James as Cleopatra.

Queen Cleopatra S1 E2 00 21 55 20
The show could have been great. | © Netflix

Not to discredit her, many comments by critics even praise James' performance, but when it comes to making a documentary it seems like people are less likely to overlook things like that.

The show would have probably been fine, if everything else was up to the task, of portraying one of the most iconic women in history. But many people complained about the “soap opera” level of the show, calling it "a rather incoherent and uninteresting show”.

It seems like Netflix really missed the mark here. Not by casting Adele James, but by labeling the show as a docudrama and cutting costs with the production of the show in general.

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Casting Jada Pinkett Smith, one of the most disliked women online, to produce the show, probably didn't help as well.

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