Summit1g Is Getting Married: Who Is Lilchipmunk?

Popular Twitch streamer Summit1g announced his engagement on Twitter, but who exactly is his fiancée?

Summit1 G
Summit1G looks so happy in this picture | © Summit1G, itslilchipmunk

Twitch star Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar recently revealed on Twitter that he and his longtime girlfriend Caroline "Lilchipunk" are getting married, and people couldn't be happier.

Summit1g is a former professional CS:GO player who has been making a streaming career out of his skilled gameplay, mixed with a likeable personality. Recently, he has been streaming a lot of GTA V RP, but his love for shooters still goes strong on his channel.

Who is Lilchipmunk, Summit1g's Future Wife

Whenever a big streamer gets into a relationship, people ask the question of who the chosen person is, how they met, and what they're doing. We're trying to bring you all the answers to these questions right here.

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First of, Lilchipmunk is a Twitch streamer as well, and mainly focuses on League of Legends, but also does a variety of other content like IRL streams, Valorant, Just Chatting & more.

It's highly likely that this is how the two of them met! Twitch streamers often meet each other at public events, like TwitchCon, where they can network, hang out, and have some fun among other creators.

On the other hand, it is also entirely possible that they met online playing games. On the other hand, they don't really play similar games, so I wouldn't bet any money on that.

From what we know, the two of them met back in 2017 and have been going strong together ever since.

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After almost 6 years, it seems like the two of them finally took a step forward, as Summit proposed, Lilchipunk said yes, and now they're engaged! Congratulations to the happy couple!

The two of them even mirrored each other's announcement tweet, which is pretty cute to be honest.

Fans all around the world, as well as friends within the streaming community, are going apesh*t, expressing their joy and wishing them all the best.

Let's hope the two of them get married soon and can enjoy their happy ever after!

It's really good to have some wholesome streamer-news with all the bullsh*t happening all the time:

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