Amouranth Creates AI That Lets You Date Her

Amouranth has jumped on the AI hype train, working with some of the leading developers to provide her fans with the optimal Amouranth girlfriend experience.

Amouranth jumps on the AI hype train | © Amouranth

Twitch and OnlyFans star Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has decided to use artificial intelligence to her advantage, helping to create an AI version of herself that her fans can now date.

Amouranth is one of the biggest female content creators on Twitch and has shaped the platform in many ways (which some might not be too happy about). She firmly established herself as the hot tub queen of Twitch, dominated the ASMR category, and often engages in interactive and creative streams with her community.

Now she decided to take the parasocial experience to a whole new level, offering an AI version of herself, that people can date.

Amouranth Hops Onto New AI Girlfriend Meta

Amouranth was never one to ignore a promising opportunity! Now she decided to hop onto the AI hype train, releasing “AI Amouranth” in collaboration with Forever Companion, “the global leaders in turning influencers into AIs”.

The artificial intelligence allows fans to engage with the famous influencer on a whole new level and even have full-blown conversations with her.

The voice sounds terrifyingly real, and the companion allows you to go on e-dates, have discussions and just overall form a connection. This is just asking for parasocial situations!

For those of you that are not familiar with this concept: parasocial refers to the one-sided relationship formed between a public figure, like a streamer for example, and their audience, where the audience feels a personal connection despite the lack of direct interaction.

An AI companion based on a popular influencer like Amouranth is just asking for it. I mean, normally the interaction between a streamer and chat is already pretty personal, but giving each fan a virtual companion based on their “idol”? That's just asking for trouble.

It can also happen the other way around, as these streamers were getting way too intimate with some of their fans:

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