Supernatural Will Never End | Jensen And Danneel Ackles Enter Deal With Amazon

Jensen and Danneel Ackles signed a deal with Amazon, so more adventures around the Supernatural will come, and our favorite characters can't rest just yet.

Supernatural season 15 poster
A new deal between the Ackles and Amazon promises more Supernatural adventures | © Warner Bros

“There'll be peace when you are done” is an important lyric in Supernaturals unofficial theme song, and something Supernatural fans will seemingly never experience. Even after the long-running series ended season 15, every few months, more news or drama flood the internet and bring us back into the fold. With the release of the Winchesters series, it was official that the Supernatural universe is going nowhere. Now Jensen and Danneel Ackles have signed a deal with Amazon, which means even more spooky adventures!

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Supernatural: Dean's Journey Might Continue On Amazon

So what exactly was the deal between the Ackles' company Chaos Machine and Amazon? It is commonly referred to as a first-look deal. To summarize the legal lingo quickly, Amazon can now look at every project first and decide, if they want to have a part in it, in various ways. Essentially, Amazon could get every new Supernatural series onto Prime without competitors like Netflix even having a peek at it.

Previously, Chaos Machine had this deal with Warner Bros TV and just extended their deal for two more years last year. Now they exited it for Amazon. Good choice in my opinion.

The possibilities are now wide open for all kinds of new projects. Season 16, a reboot, or maybe we will finally get the Wayward Sisters spin-off that got ditched? One thing seems to be very certain already, if you look at the announcement post from Jensen. The Winchesters is getting a second season! After all, John Winchesters actor Drake Rodger and Jensen had this little conversation:

Jensen ackles winchesters season2 instaconvo
Calling the younger actor of your character's dad old man... just Supernatural things! | © Jensen Ackles via Instagram

After the bombastic reveal in the “prequels” season finale, who wouldn't want a second season? Maybe the story will lead into a reboot for the series, or we will get it completely separate. The actors have mentioned the possibility for one multiple times over the years at different conventions.

For now, we will have to wait for more information on new projects. But one thing has been confirmed again: Jensen Ackles will let neither Dean nor Supernatural fans rest in peace.

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