TikTok Engineer Has AI Take Over His Stream After Accident Demands His Attention

The Influencer Kennevo recently went viral on TikTok, after he showed off his AI, EEVEE.

Tik Tok Engineer
Man lives in the year 3000 | © Kennevo

AI has been improving like crazy in the last couple of months. It is still amazing, thinking that this whole article could have been written by ChatGBT (it's not, but it could be). This development gets a lot of people hyped and a lot of others concerned. I guess everybody can agree, though, that AI will be a game changer. Just look at how this content creator uses AI to navigate an emergency.

TikToker Creates AI To Help In Emergency Situations

The TikTok creator Kenny a.k.a. kennevo recently uploaded a video on TikTok, showing off, how his AI called EEVEE help out in an emergency situation.

The video starts off with his stream getting interrupted by an emergency alarm. He quickly responds by turning it off, asking “EEVEE, what's happening?”, to which a robotic voice responds, giving him a rundown on the situation.

“Engineer, emergency alert. Subject 018 has experienced a critical fall. Condition unknown.” Apparently, Kenny was using EEVEE to inform him about possible emergencies regarding some of his relatives. It looks like his grandmother slipped and got injured, prompting the alarm to go off.

Kenny then asks the AI for more details, getting a full status report on possible fractures, vital signs etc. The streamer then orders the AI to “start contacting Emergency Protocol” and as well as “begin Hawk Protocol”.

As he gets ready to leave, the AI follows through with the protocols, notifying emergency contacts and initiating safety protocols.

Finishing things up, Kenny asks EEVEE for directions and orders her to end the stream for him. He later uploaded a video, addressing the situation.

Even though the project seems to have been an overwhelming success, in his response video, the engineer was very critical of himself.

  • As long as you don't have an AI that can quickly order a PS5 for you, I guess I will have to help you get your hands on the next gen console. Just use this link and pray.

Apparently, the AI took a solid 4 minutes before reporting the situation. To him that was a massive failure as the AI should have reacted a lot faster.

His community tried to cheer him up, arguing that he achieved something incredible and that this technology could help a LOT of people if improved.

This just goes to show that even with all the recent improvements of AI, it is still not at the level it would need to be in certain situations. Hopefully his grandmother recovers quickly.

Technology is not always a useful tool... sometimes people use it to take away other people's right to privacy and identity:

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