First Footage Of The Last Of Us Revealed By HBO

The Last of Us is getting a TV series on HBO, and the first footage from the show has just been revealed. It looks incredible, check it out below.

Last of Us Show
What a perfect casting for Bill. | © HBO

The Last of Us was always destined for the big screen (in this case it's not strictly a film, but it's an HBO show, so you can expect fantastic production values). Just take a look at how the games play, they're designed as cinematic experiences from the ground-up. Hence, the first time I cried over a video game happened ten minutes into playing The Last of Us. We won't spoil it but when that moment comes up in the HBO show, you'll know.

If it's not obvious, we expect this show to be incredible, and the trailer we just saw seems to confirm that. It's only short, but wow, the casting seems spot on, and the set design took me right back to those moments in the game. But enough throat-clearing, let's just get to why you're here: the trailer.

New Trailer For HBO's The Last of Us

At the end of a generic trailer for HBO Max they surprised audiences by including the first footage from The Last of Us TV show. You can watch it below (we've clipped it, so you'll only be seeing the part of the trailer that concerns The Last of Us):

There's quite a decent amount of the game's story included in that clip. We can tell it must start from the very beginning because we see him running with Sarah (don't worry that's not a spoiler), but then it also showed a scene that takes place quite late into the game. We were honestly expecting it to be 3 or 4 seasons per game, but it looks like this first season will cover at least 50-60% of the first game's story. Let's just hope Naughty Dog can hurry up and complete the TLoU Remaster and the TLoU Multiplayer game before HBO catch up, no-one wants another Game of Thrones situation...

What did you think about the trailer? Does it feel you with hope, or has it dampened your excitement?

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