Naughty Dog Reveal Last of Us Part 1 Gameplay

Naughty Dog have just shared even more footage of the Last of Us Part 1 Remake with us. Here's an overview of everything we saw.

Naughty Dog Reveal More Gameplay TLOU 1
This is one of the side-by-sides they showed. | © Naughty Dog

We're getting more gameplay leaks for the Last of Us Part 1 right now than we could ever hope for. But do you know what's even better than leaks and rumors? Hard facts. Ideally from the publishers themselves. And thankfully, we're finally getting them.

Yep, after all the leaks, Naughty Dog have decided they need to wrestle back control of the narrative. The devs have released their own video that shows how development is going on The Last of Us Part 1 remake. But sadly, it doesn't look like they're adding enough to warrant old fans spending 70 bucks again...

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake: Gameplay Revealed By Devs

Courtesy of a video Naughty Dog themselves released, we now know that the Last of Us Part 1 is being described as a rebuild, and will largely feature graphical and audio improvements, with no significant new gameplay features on the way. That's... not what fans wanted to hear. Not at all.

Here's exactly what they outlined about development in the 10-minute video:

  • The rebuild for PS5 can run at 60fps / 4k
  • More of the environment will be destructible
  • The AI should be more sophisticated
  • There will be a "speed-run" mode that shows a stopwatch in the HUD as you play
  • Audio-descriptive dubbing has been added to the cinematics
  • All the weapons in the game will have different levels of trigger resistance
  • 3D audio will be introduced

What a disappointment. And we don't even know if we're getting the PvP mode included in the rebuild. So this will actually have less content than the original PS3 version from back in the day.

Things just look worse and worse for Naughty Dog, who failed to deliver Factions 2 on time, and have seen many of their old devs leave the company. Let's hope they can turn things around soon.

You can check out everything we know about The Last of Us Part 1 "Rebuild" just here: